Amy Lansky’s SECOND Book

Active Consciousness

Awakening the Power Within

Can you create the future of your dreams? Are paranormal abilities like seeing into the future or affecting objects with your mind really possible? And how do energetic systems of healing — like homeopathy and hands-on healing — actually work?

In this exciting book, which has been called “one of the top five spiritual books that will change your perspective on reality,” former NASA artificial intelligence researcher Amy Lansky takes you on a voyage of discovery to your inner Self. Get ready for an exploration of the esoteric, grounded in an intriguing model of reality based on higher dimensions in space.

Active Consciousness is now one of the most comprehensive and reader-friendly books on the subject of awakening humanity to new level of consciousness


Unique in its breadth and accessibility — Active Consciousness is a “one stop shop” for the educated reader who wants to learn more about various forms of spirituality.

You might think of this book as The Power of Now, The Holographic Universe, The Intention Experiment, In Search of the Miraculous, The Secret, and The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent all blended together in a very personal and accessible way. Active Consciousness will appeal to anyone — even a skeptic — who wants to learn more about spirituality, consciousness, and meditation and to develop the power ofactive consciousness” for themself — the ability to tap into the true inner Self and guide the trajectory of the world in which they live. Even an experienced meditator will discover many new ideas and concepts in Active Consciousness. The book includes:

  • A discussion of scientific studies of psychic phenomena, that helps the reader awaken to the possibility that there really is something more beyond our mechanistic and materialistic view of reality.
  • A model of how these phenomena might be operating based on an easy-to-understand yet scientifically-minded model of higher dimensions in space.
  • A discussion of esoteric systems of thought that provide another take on the same type of phenomena and information, including the ideas of Gurdjieff, Steiner, and Kabbalah.
  • A discussion of how this information relates to alternative energy-based medical systems like acupuncture, hands-on healing, and homeopathy.
  • An introduction to personal self-exploration, including meditative exercises and active consciousness experiments.

This broad spectrum of content is held together and made accessible through personal stories and anecdotes, coupled with a very conversational tone. Readers have found Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within to be a transformational experience. Let it transform your life!

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    What the Experts Have to Say

    What Is Active Consciousness?

    Most of us use the term “conscious” or “consciousness” to denote the state of awareness when we are awake or alert, as opposed to asleep or simply unaware of what is going on. This is what may be viewed as “mundane” or “shallow” awareness or consciousness.

    Another feature that is commonly associated with the word “conscious” or “consciousness” is how we affect the world around us — that is, whether we “consciously” or “unconsciously” do things. For example, we might consciously move our hand, as opposed to unconsciously blink our eyes. This form of consciousness is more active (as opposed to passive), but it is still shallow or mundane.

    What about deeper forms of consciousness?

    When meditators access a stillness within them that is focused in the present moment — the Now — they also often access a deeper form of awareness. This depth awareness links them to their inner or higher Self — the part of them that perceives things from a higher and wiser perspective. Access to the Self is the goal of most meditative practices and yields what may be called deep consciousness.

    When a person uses deep consciousness to affect the world around them, they are exerting active consciousness.

    For example, using active consciousness, a person might:

    • Enable their own body or someone else’s body to heal.
    • Affect the behavior of a physical object — for example, the behavior of an otherwise random device.
    • Make wise and fortuitous choices that direct them toward their goals.

    Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within is all about understanding deep, active consciousness — how it might work, how it relates to esoteric wisdom from the past, and how we can all develop it for ourselves, not only to benefit our own lives, but also the greater collective good of the world.

    Active Consciousness Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Inner Space: The Ultimate Frontier
    From Robot Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness; A Doorway to Enlightenment; This Book Is an Experience; We Are All Connected
    Chapter 2. A Glimpse at Four Dimensions
    Chapter 3. A Miraculous Cure
    Chapter 4. Fertile Soil
    Chapter 5. What Is Consciousness?
    The Spectrum of Consciousness
    Chapter 6. The Road to Active Consciousness
    It’s Time to Wake Up
    Chapter 7. A Path Emerges
    Chapter 8. Start Evolving—Now
    The Structure of Evolution; Where We’re Headed: The Stages of Evolution
    Exercise 1. Being Present in Outer Sensation

    Open Your Mind…
    Chapter 9. Silicon Valley Meets Diagon Alley
    Chapter 10. Entanglements
    Chapter 11. The Field
    A Unified Field?
    Chapter 12. When You Have the Right Vibe, It’s Not a Coincidence
    Synchronicity and Fields of Meaning
    Chapter 13. A Meaningful Cure
    Water: A Potent Carrier of Information; The Meaning of Disease; Paranormal Medicine?
    Exercise 2. Being Present in Inner Sensation

    Chapter 14. Forces and Fields
    Chapter 15. A Radical Hypothesis: Consciousness in Higher Dimensions
    The Fourth Dimension; Physics and Higher Dimensions; The Branching Tree
    Chapter 16. The Process of Active Consciousness
    Chapter 17. The Force Is Within You
    Chapter 18. Four Steps to Active Consciousness
    Chapter 19. How Does It Work?
    Causation Plus Synchronicity; Retrocausation; Loosening the Grip of the Past
    Chapter 20. Demystifying the Mysterious
    Exercise 3. Differentiating Between Sensation, Emotion, and Thought

    Consider the Perennial Wisdom of the Ages…
    Chapter 21. The Body Esoteric
    The Etheric Body; Seeing Is Believing; Orbs—An Experiment; Accessing the Etheric Realm
    Chapter 22. The Higher Energy Bodies: From Here to Eternity
    The Astral Body; Lucid Dreaming; The Mental Body: Where Lifetimes Meet; Death and Beyond
    Chapter 23. Emanations from the Causal Realm
    Chapter 24. Visits With Other Realms
    Exercise 4. Entering NOW+ and Connecting With the Self

    It’s Time to Dive In…
    Chapter 25. What You Are and What You Are Not
    The Purpose of Stories; Deep Communication: Penetrating the Boundaries of Stories and Buffers
    Chapter 26. Self-Remembering: The Path to Enlightenment
    Wake Up!—To Who You Are and What You’re Doing; Recognize That You Are Asleep; Notice Your Stories; Be Proactive, Not Reactive; Pay Attention to Feedback; Genuine Versus Distorted or Artificial Forms of Self-Remembering

    Chapter 27. Methods and Tools for Accessing Non-Ordinary States of Awareness
    Meditation; Drugs; Hypnosis and Visualization; Pushing Body Limits to Achieve Trance States; Near Death and Out-of-Body Experiences; Groups and Locations Help; Synchronicity Tools; Shocks; Teachers; No Practice, No Benefit
    Exercise 5. Tapping into the Wisdom of the Self

    It’s Time to Play…
    Chapter 28. Facing Your Stories: Releasing the Self from the Fiction of the Mind
    Do You Have a Nickname?; It’s All About Energy
    Chapter 29. Where Do You Go When You’re Not Here and Now?
    Chapter 30. What is Your Commitment?
    Chapter 31. Feeling Good
    Reactive Versus Proactive Being; Dealing with Negative Feelings; Become A Good Observer of Your Feelings; Become A Good Observer of Reactive Behavior
    Chapter 32. Gratitude
    Chapter 33. Experiments in Active Consciousness: Creating and Manifesting With Joy
    General Guidelines for Active Consciousness Experiments; Ideas for Experiments; Increase Your Chances of Success; Be Scientific: Record Your Results; Other Ideas for Experimentation; Practice Makes a More Perfect World

    Chapter 34. It’s Up to You
    Evolution is Inherent
    Chapter 35. Technology and the Soul
    The Bigger Picture
    Chapter 36. The Way Forward


    Disclaimer: Active Consciousness is based on information from sources believed to be accurate and reliable and every reasonable effort has been made to make the book as complete and accurate as possible. However, such completeness and accuracy is not guaranteed.

    Although Active Consciousness discusses methods for meditation, self-development, and affecting the world through consciousness, as well as various alternative systems of medical treatment such as homeopathy, it is intended only as a general introduction to these topics. It is not meant to give specific recommendations of medical, psychological, or other life advice, nor does it make any warranties or guarantees of any sort that any of the information provided in the book (or that provided in any of the books, material, or the services of any practitioner recommended within the book, on, or on will produce any particular medical, physical, emotional or other result.

    Please note that Amy L. Lansky, PhD is not a licensed physician. Her doctorate is in Computer Science and was granted by Stanford University.

    There is no confidential, professional, or other relationship between you and Amy L. Lansky, PhD created as a result of the information provided in Active Consciousness, on, on, or as a result of E-mail or other forms of communication between you and Amy L. Lansky, PhD. R.L.Ranch Press will not be liable to you or any other party for direct or indirect compensatory, special, incidental or consequential damages.