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More On Aggravations

Probably the most common question I get on AskAmy is about aggravations from remedies. In fact, I have several messages of this type that I've been waiting to respond...

Does Diet Matter in Autism Treatment?

Hi Amy. My son was diagnosed with autism 2 months back. He is 3.8 years old. Following your advice we started homeopathy treatment for him and have also started reading...

Is My Homeopathic Treatment Classical?

Hi Amy. Got your audio version of the Impossible Cure. We decided to go to a homeopathy doctor with our autistic son and spent about 2 hours going through all these...

Homeopathy for Eye Problems

Hi Amy!I just found out your books and can’t wait to read them! I am a 30 year old female. My question is: is there any homeopathic cure for amblyopia (lazy eye)? I...

Coincidence, Con, or Kismet?

I recently met someone on a dating site. We hit it off really well. I did not think much of it except that we both live in the same small town and work in a nearby...

What About Homeoprophylaxis?

Question: Hello Amy, When my 3 children got chicken pox a couple of years ago they were each given different remedies. It was wonderful to witness each handle the...

Addressing Adrenal Fatigue with Homeopathy

Question: Hi Amy.  I have adrenal fatigue and would like to know what you would suggest in Homeopathy for this? Thank you : ).  -Sean Answer: Hi Sean. Adrenal fatigue...

The Cause of Autism

Question: Hi Amy.  Do you know what caused your son's autism?  Was it after a vaccine? Answer: The honest answer is that I don't really know.  But I have my suspicions...

Detoxing From Allopathic Drugs

Question: I’ve been suffering with what I believe are the side effects of the drug Accutane for almost 25 years. Whilst it has affected me mentally, the physical...

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