Amy Lansky’s First Book

Impossible Cure

The Promise of Homeopathy

Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy (R.L.Ranch Press, 2003) is one of the leading introductory books on homeopathy worldwide, with translations into several foreign languages (Spanish, German, Greek, Arabic, Korean, and Czech).

Since it was published in 2003, it has become a top patient-education book and is also utilized as a first-year text by many homeopathy schools.

Comprehensive in scope, Impossible Cure provides an in-depth and exciting account of the history, philosophy, science, and experience of homeopathic medicine.

Reviewers Have Described Impossible Cure As One of the Most Comprehensive and Reader-Friendly Books About Homeopathy

Perfect For Patient Education and As a Text For First-Year Students.

The book includes:

  • Dozens of first-person testimonials of homeopathic cures for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Among these is the amazing story of how Amy Lansky’s son was cured of autism with homeopathy.
  • A comprehensive introduction to homeopathic philosophy. This includes a discussion of the Law of Similars, remedy provings, suppression, susceptibility, the Law of Cure, totality of symptoms, individualization of treatment, the center of the case, and prioritization of symptoms.
  • A step-by-step guide for patients, including: how to find a homeopath; preparing for appointments and follow-ups; what to expect during a homeopathic interview; dosing; antidoting; and interactions with allopathic treatment. The issue of vaccination is also addressed — especially its relationship to autism and other chronic diseases.
  • A thorough account of the history and development of homeopathy. This includes: the life of Samuel Hahnemann and his development of various potencies and dosing methods; the history of homeopathy in America; a description of techniques related to classical homeopathy; and the current legal status of homeopathic practice in America.
  • An extensive chapter on scientific trials of homeopathy, as well as a discussion of possible explanations for the action of remedies within the realms of complexity and chaos theory and biophysics. The book also includes a unique description of homeopathic models of remedy action.

Impossible Cure Is Also Available

in a Growing Number of Foreign Languages!

It is quickly becoming the one introductory book on homeopathy that many foreign language publishers choose to translate. If you are a non-English language publisher and are interested in translating and publishing Impossible Cure, please contact us.

Foreign Language Editions of Impossible Cure:




Arabic (H2RC2 in collaboration with Mishkat Publishing)

Czech (ELFA, PUBLISHING — Prague) Phone: 420-723-352-305; 420-286-584-607; 420-777-042-226; Email: jitka.studnicna @

Korean  (Publishing JISKI GONG GAM, 2015)


What the Experts Have to Say

Find out what experts and readers are saying about Impossible Cure. Discover why this book is transforming perspectives on healing and homeopathy.

Impossible Cure

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Homeopathy Revealed

Chapter 2. The Law of Similars

Chapter 3. Testimony to Cure

Chapter 4. What Is Disease? What Is Cure?

Chapter 5. Symptom Patterns: Humanity Reflected in Nature

Chapter 6. The Development and Evolution of Homeopathic Practice

Chapter 7. Science and Skepticism: Does Homeopathy Really Work?

Chapter 8. The Experience of Homeopathy

Chapter 9. Cure Is Possible

Chapter 10. The Road Ahead


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    Disclaimer: Impossible Cure is based on information from sources believed to be accurate and reliable and every reasonable effort has been made to make the book as complete and accurate as possible. However, such completeness and accuracy is not guaranteed.

    Although Impossible Cure discusses the homeopathic method of treatment, including stories of cure using various remedies, it is intended only as a general introduction to homeopathy. It is not meant to give specific recommendations of medical, psychological, or other advice regarding the treatment of particular illnesses. Nor does it make any warranties or guarantees of any sort that any of the information provided in the book (or that provided in any of the books, material, or the services of any practitioner recommended within the book or this web site) will produce any particular medical, physical, emotional or other result. This book is not intended to be a replacement for good medical diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician or for care by a certified health-care practitioner. Readers are strongly cautioned to consult with a licensed health-care professional before utilizing any information in Impossible Cure, and if they choose to pursue to homeopathic treatment, to do so under the supervision of a licensed physician and a certified homeopath.

    Please note that Amy L. Lansky, PhD is not a licensed physician. Her doctorate is in Computer Science and was granted by Stanford University. She has closed her homeopathic practice as of January 2007, but is happy to correspond with parents to provide referrals and support via email (see contact form on this site).

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