Am I On The Right Track in My Homeopathic Treatment?

Amy Lansky
Published: 10/10/2013

I receive Emails every day from people who have read my book and are looking for help and advice. I recently received one very common question, and I thought it might be helpful to many of you to share my response.

I was wondering how to determine if a homeopathic remedy is the correct match. How long does it take to figure this out — how many weeks? Also, when do you know that it is time to change homeopaths? I heard about someone who saw a well known homeopath for about five years, yet his case was only improving, and he didn’t get a complete recovery. So, not every homeopath will find the matching remedy. Do you just have to keep trying different homeopaths, until you find the right one?

There are many signs of being on the right remedy — improvement of your symptoms (even if quite gradual) is the obvious one. Others are: the return of old symptoms; the development of “clearing” reactions, like a rash or an acute malady like nasal congestion or a cold, followed by improvement (these reactions usually pass quickly and on their own); or the temporary aggravation of existing symptoms followed by improvement (aggravations are not necessary, but they can be a good sign, so stick with them — and if they are too harsh, contact your homeopath). You can read more about various remedy responses in Chapter Eight of Impossible Cure. The March 2013 Newsletter also addressed this question.

Next, be aware that there are usually many remedies that can help someone, at least somewhat. Finding the perfect “simillimum” is certainly the ideal, but not always achieved. For most people, their treatment will be a zig zag between remedies over time, as the case unfolds. Usually if a remedy is going to help you, you will know within the first month. However, even if it does not help that much or very little, adjustments in dosing can make a big difference. You should discuss all changes that you are experiencing with your homeopath when you have your follow-up appointment.

As far as complete recovery, this is never guaranteed. There are no miracles. First, there are cases that are incurable. Everyone dies eventually! For some people, especially the elderly, the vital force is simply too weak to make a complete recovery. And sometimes organs have been so damaged that a cure is simply impossible — for example, in Type 1 diabetes. That said, however, there is always hope with homeopathy. Even in such cases, improvement in function can be found. And if it is possible for the body to repair itself, then there is even more hope.

Of course, even if someone is seeing a renowned homeopath, that homeopath may still not find the best remedy. Sometimes they have done all that they can and the case needs some fresh eyes. Many times the homeopath will admit this themselves. There is a saying in homeopathy — “Homeopathy never fails, only the homeopath”. If you have spent a year or two with a homeopath and you feel your case has stalled, first discuss it with them. They may see changes that you do not. Then meditate or search within your heart and decide whether it is time to move on.

Finally, remember that homeopathy is a healing ART — it is not a miracle guaranteed panacea. But the healings homeopathy can achieve are often pretty miraculous nonetheless!

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