Feeling Tired and Flu-ish? Try Homeopathy!

Amy Lansky
Published: 01/15/2016

gelsemiumIn the past, I have written more than one article about homeopathic remedies for the flu. This season, I suspect that one of the primary remedies will be Gelsemium, one of the most commonly used remedies for flu. It is available in any health food store. In fact, a single dose of Gelsemium 30c recently bumped me out of a feeling of incipient illness, enabling me to take an out-of-town vacation the next day. One of the keynotes of Gelsemium is a feeling of extreme fatigue, heaviness, and weakness. The patient feels that they simply can’t get up off the couch or out of bed.

As always, of course, the right remedy for the flu (or any acute illness) is the remedy whose symptoms match those being experienced. This article (from an old issue of the Impossible Cure Newsletter) will serve as a refresher course on common flu remedies.

Remember, there’s always hope with homeopathy!

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