Homeopathy Always Goes On

Amy Lansky
Published: 05/02/2019

There have been easy times and hard times for homeopathy since the beginning. Right off the bat, Hahnemann experienced both mockery and accolades. Eager young devotee doctors surrounded him and became his first provers of homeopathic medicines. At the same time, Hahnemann was repeatedly hounded out of town by the local apothecaries (pharmacies) because he manufactured his own medicines and didn’t use their wares (and also got better results). Sound familiar? As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun and history keeps repeating itself.

And so homeopathy always goes on. Why? Because it works and can even sometimes work miracles. It is affordable. But I believe that the real reason is that homeopathy is based on a fundamental, immutable truth. Unlike medical fads that come and go and are often proven harmful in the end, homeopathy’s Law of Similars presents us with an unshakeable and eternal law of nature, much like the laws of physics. Even if we don’t make use of this healing principle, it remains there to be rediscovered and used.

Of course, the application of the Law of Similars isn’t always easy. The practice of homeopathy is an art. There is a saying: homeopathy never fails, but a homeopath can. I might add to this that sometimes the physical body is beyond repair; after all, we all die in the end. The mysteries of the body are immense and ultimately, perhaps unknowable. Even the most perfect homeopath cannot always discern the way to the best remedy, potency, and dosing. But as I always say, there is hope with homeopathy. That gives us great comfort and is also the reason why no matter what happens, this medical art will always spring up anew. You can’t keep the truth hidden forever. And people will always need to be healed.

In April, homeopaths around the world celebrated Homeopathy Awareness Week, always timed to begin on Hahnemann’s birthday on April 10. This year, many people flocked to Washington, DC to lobby congressional leaders not to change existing FDA rules (which have worked fine for many years) that would impede the free access of homeopathic remedies to the public. This effort was organized by the amazing new organization, Americans for Homeopathy Choice. I encourage you to join me in supporting their efforts to protect access to homeopathy.

There are many other organizations in the USA and around the world that merit your support as well. These include the National Center for Homeopathy (I was on the board for many years), Homeopaths Without Borders, Homeopathy for Health in Africa, Research in Homeopathy, and health freedom efforts nationally or in your state.

Of course, there are even more organizations than these. Choose your favorites, get involved, spread the word about homeopathy. That’s why I wrote Impossible Cure and why I continue to write these newsletters and answer emails that are sent to me. I will forever be grateful for the blessing of homeopathy in my life.

And perhaps most important — keep the faith! Your positive intentions and beliefs do make a difference. Homeopathy has always and will always go on.

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