Impossible Cure — the AUDIO BOOK — Is Here!

Amy Lansky
Published: 03/04/2015

ImpossibleCureLanskyAudioBookCover-smallLast fall, I worked for two months with a professional audio engineer and finally narrated the audio book version of Impossible Cure. I’m pleased to report that it is now available through Audible, and specifically, on Amazon and iTunes. Please check it out and spread the word about this new version of Impossible Cure!

While you’re on Amazon (or, for that matter, on Goodreads), it would be great if you could write a nice review for Impossible Cure if you haven’t already done so. Adding a testimonial about homeopathy to your review can also be so helpful to those looking for some hope. In the past, books about homeopathy have been attacked on Amazon by quackbuster forces, often funded covertly by Big Pharma. Impossible Cure was no exception, although these attacks usually backfired because they were met with even more positive reviews and testimonials. Your reviews help people to learn that there really is hope with homeopathy!

Indeed, I wrote Impossible Cure to provide general information about homeopathy to everyone — not just families with autistic children. Those who have read it (or at least have read the book blurb) know that Impossible Cure is a broad and general introduction to homeopathy (not a “how to cure autism” book) that includes first-person cure stories from around the world for many ailments. It has even been adopted as a first-year text by many homeopathy schools. This information can be critical to anyone embarking upon homeopathic treatment. As homeopaths who require their patients to read Impossible Cure can testify, patient knowledge can be a key to treatment success.

I hope that you and your friends and family will now enjoy listening to Impossible Cure — the audio book!

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