It’s 2017 — Let’s Get to Work for Homeopathy!

Amy Lansky
Published: 01/19/2017

newsI know that many in the world are greeting 2017 with  trepidation.  The upcoming Trump presidency will have an uncertain impact on not only the United States, but the entire world. Many people I know personally are filled with fear for the imminent collapse of  the USA they hold dear.  Since my son Izaak lives and works in Australia, I am well aware that many nations around the world are also nervous about the likely end of “Pax Americana” and what it might mean. Others in the autism community have supported Trump out of the hope that he will finally stand up to Big Pharma and its growing vaccine mandates.

For my part, I am trying to stay out of negativity and getting sucked into endless hysterical Facebook posts, media rants, and fear-mongering.  For one thing, what does fear, anger, and bitterness accomplish? It certainly negatively impacts my health and peace of mind.  True, I don’t want to be an ostrich with my head buried in the sand, but that is hardly possible. The news invariably finds its way to me, even if I don’t actively become obsessed with it.

No, what I can do is work for positive change in a positive way. Yes, there are things that we must work against.  The ongoing attacks against homeopathy are one of them. But one thing I have learned over the years is that promoting awareness of the power of homeopathy goes much further than fighting against the forces that seek to squash it. Working for is more effective that working against.

That is one of the reasons I wrote Impossible Cure the way I did. It aims to make people aware of the true history and power of homeopathy, by revealing personal stories, scientific results, and buried historical facts. People want and need healing, so they will come to homeopathy if they know about it and it is right for them. In the political sphere, people want and need love, peace, and justice.  In the end, truth and love will win. As John Lennon said, “Love is the answer.”

In past blog posts, I have mentioned recent FDA hearings about homeopathic medicines.  In Impossible Cure  (Chapter 10), I point out that one of the legs upon which homeopathy and health freedom stand is access to remedies. Big Pharma certainly knows this. Indeed, as I have pointed out in past writing, general awareness of the power of potentized medicines — including potentized allopathic medicines — would undermine Big Pharma completely, because medications would cost next to nothing.

The truth is, the FDA hearings, and now, a new ruling by the FTC about labeling of homeopathic medicines, are the latest in the 200 year battle between conventional and homeopathic medicine.  Dana Ullman writes eloquently about this topic in his latest article that has been run in a number of venues including the Huffington Post  and GreenMedInfo. Perhaps the most ludicrous and telling aspect of the FTC ruling is that it requires remedy labels to state that homeopathy was developed in the 1700s — when it was actually developed in the 1800s!  That has actually been my experience;  the quackbusters who attack homeopathy usually know almost nothing about it, getting basic facts wrong and often misspelling words in their writing.

So what can you do to promote homeopathy in 2017 in a positive way?  Keep using it!  Keep telling all your friends about it!  It is people’s positive experiences of homeopathic healing that have kept homeopathy alive for all these years, despite unending attacks. I have every confidence this will continue to be the case. Yes, there will be bad times.  Yes, the world and the USA may be entering into a difficult period.  But the cycle of life continues.

Out of the darkness, light emerges and positive changes are born. Stay tuned into that positive hope and intention, because it is an important factor  — perhaps the most  important factor — in the creation of a better future.

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