More on COVID-19 and Homeopathic Treatment

Amy Lansky
Published: 04/16/2020

I’m sure that all of you have been inundated with information about the virus. I know I have! The bottom line is that we are just beginning to develop a genus epidemicus set of homeopathic remedies. My guess is that we will learn much more in the coming weeks, especially because the virus is apparently starting to show up more in India, where we have so many practicing homeopaths and so much more utilization of homeopathy. Jeremy Sherr has also just recently developed a database for practitioners to contribute to, and has already come up with interesting results. He has also developed a site where people can go to interact with homeopaths who are willing to help online:

Keep in mind that the symptom picture of COVID-19 may be somewhat different in different regions of the world. Because of this, different remedies might be applicable or more useful. There are also different remedies that will be most appropriate for different stages of the disease.

Obviously, it is ideal for remedies to be used at the early stages so that the more serious stages never develop. Apparently, standard flu remedies and one’s personal constitutional remedy are very appropriate early on. This is great, since these remedies are also more accessible to you. Some of the key remedies that Jeremy Sherr is now recommending are: Phophorus, Antimonium Tartaricum, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Phosphoric-Acid, and Arsenicum Album, though many more have been used with success.

Here are some links to keep tabs on for the latest information from a homeopathic standpoint:

▪From Manish Bhatia, editor of the Hpathy Newsletter.
▪From Paul Herscu
▪From Rajan Sankaran
▪From Amma Resonance Healing Foundation
▪From National Center for Homeopathy

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