Addressing Adrenal Fatigue with Homeopathy


Hi Amy. 

I have adrenal fatigue and would like to know what you would suggest in Homeopathy for this? Thank you : ). 



Hi Sean.

Adrenal fatigue seems to be an increasing problems these days, probably because of our stressful, busy, caffeinated lives.  I must admit, since I am not a practitioner, I am not an expert on this problem.  However, just like most systemic chronic problems, the best treatment option using homeopathy is to see a good classical homeopath who can find the best remedy that fits you as an individual. (To find a good practitioner, you might start by checking out the referral lists on my book site.).  Each person will have their own situation and personality that has led to their unique symptoms of adrenal fatigue.  The remedy that will most help them is the one that best fits them as an individual.  Reading Impossible Cure is probably the best way to understand why this is true.

That said, a brief search online with “homeopathy adrenal fatigue” will lead you to plenty of articles describing remedies that may be suitable this problem. For example, this article on

However, I would caution you not to self-treat for this problem. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, all you need to to add one more quick fix into the mix. Self-treatment with remedies for this problem might also lead either to aggravation of the problem or ineffective treatment, because dosing must be individualized too.  So the real long-term solution will be finding the best-fitting remedy for you, at the right dose, coupled with lifestyle changes that alleviate your tendency to have this problem.  These will most likely also involve changes to your sleep habits, food choices, lowering use of caffeine, incorporating meditation and massage into your life, and alleviating stress in other (healthy) ways.  A good homeopath should be able to help you with these and other changes. Some counseling, exercise, and a good vacation might be called for too!

Good luck with this problem.  I hope this is helpful!


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