Autism with Chiari Malformation


Hi Amy,
Read your blog – thanks for all the information, I will buy your book next. I have bought so many books since my son has been diagnosed wtih Autism that I have not gone through half of them.

I am seriously considering homeopathy. We have been using supplements, are on a GFCF diet, and have used Bumetanide (allopathy) – it helped a little.

Question: My son has also been diagnosed with Chiari malformation (14mm). Neurosurgeon recommends doing a decompression surgery as it it big and it has been seen in kids with autism more. He has some symptoms for Chiari since his regression — has lost interest in physical activities like biking, walking, speech delay, etc. But he also has some symptoms which are close to what I read about your personal experience — like head sweats, hairy, sensitive and stubborn, hyperactive. I was wondering if I should proceed with surgery as all the antibiotics, pain meds might not be good for him.

He is getting a little better with ABA and good nutrition and Bumetanide.



Hi B.

Of course, I cannot make a recommendation one way or another about the surgery. I am not a doctor. But you are right, surgery will certainly be a disruption for your son, who, as an autistic individual, is already quite sensitive mentally and physically.

My question is — will this surgery be curative for his autism? Many autistic children also have symptoms like those in Chiari malformation. What is the true cause of your son’s symptoms? Chiari or autism? Or both?

I personally don’t know if this malformation is imminently dangerous or not, or whether it will grow over time. I’m not a doctor.  If it is not dangerous and will not grow, then would there be any downside in delaying this surgery and trying other approaches first?  For example, you might start with homeopathy and also osteopathy and see how far you get.

Certainly, both homeopathy and osteopathy will be helpful to your son if you do elect for surgery.  They both could be extremely helpful in aiding in recovery.

I hope this helps.  Reading my book Impossible Cure will help you understand what homeopathy is all about.  To learn more about traditional (hands-on) osteopathy, including referrals to practitioners, visit


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  1. Pam

    What did you decide to do? I am a mom in the same position. My autistic two year old has chiari 13mm and complete speech regression. He is hyperactive, sensitive, and sweet.


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