Baby Loses Gross Motor Skills


I have a 2 year old who was born perfectly healthy. At around 16 months he slowly started losing gross motor skills. He stopped crawling, drinking from a straw and pulling up to cruise (he never walked). He is currently seen at Duke University and they have done every neurological test and they have come back normal. We’re now considering alternative routes.

– Nicole



Unfortunately, your experience is that of an increasing number of parents. My suggestion is to investigate the possibility of vaccine damage closely. Loss of gross motor skills can be a type of vaccine injury. Unfortunately, conventional medical doctors will be loathe to admit it, and very likely are unaware that this is even possible. Just type in “gross motor skills lost vaccine injury” to Google and you will find examples.

I am glad that you are now pursuing alternative routes. One route you should explore is treatment by a hands-on osteopath.  This site will lead you to osteopathic referrals.

Of course, my own area of expertise is homeopathy. If you are near Duke, then you probably live near Durham, N.C.  I recommend you visit this site to find a certified classical homeopath.  In Durham, I personally know of Julia Insley and Rosemary Hyde. As always, I recommend interviewing possible homeopaths in your area and going with your intuition.  Reading my book Impossible Cure will also serve as a good guide for you.

Best wishes for your child’s complete recovery!  You are starting early, so you have every reason to be optimistic. Please be patient with the process.



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