Can ‘Like Cures Like’ Be Applied to Tinnitus?


Hi. After reading about the Law of Similars, I had some sort of awareness about my condition suffering from Tinnitus. In “likes cure likes”, bringing two things of like vibration together, a remedy and patient, and the effect will be a cure of the patient’s disease. So if I could get the vibration of the sound of my Tinnitus in my ear to connect with the same vibrational sound outside, could that possibly bring about a cure? Do you have any suggestions on this idea?

Regards, Loraine.


Hi Loraine.

What a fascinating idea!  After a quick Google search, I did find one link, which describes how a man was able to alleviate his tinnitus this way.

Of course, there are lots of examples of “likes cure likes” outside the realm of homeopathic remedies.  For example, one way of removing soot from the glass window of a fireplace is to rub it with the ash from the fireplace!  Another example is the use of Ritalin (speed) for children with ADD.  However, although this kind of approach to medical treatment can  help, from a homeopathic point of view it is ill-advised because such drugs are on a gross material level and can cause harm. For example, before antibiotics, mercury was used as a successful treatment for syphilis (though with horrible side effects).  But interestingly, the homeopathic remedy made from Mercury (nontoxic because it is in highly dilute and potentized form) is also a tried and true remedy for syphilis.

If finding the tone of your tinnitus does not help you, please know that many homeopathic remedies are associated with tinnitus, each associated with its own peculiar symptoms.  In other words, there may be hope that your tinnitus can be cured with homeopathy!  To do so, however, I recommend seeing a good certified classical homeopath.  You might visit the referrals page on my book site to find one.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your interesting question!




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