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I’ve been suffering with what I believe are the side effects of the drug Accutane for almost 25 years. Whilst it has affected me mentally, the physical symptoms I would say are worse. I keep getting injuries that don’t heal and live with chronic pain. I’ve seen three different therapists who did a treatment called Field Control Therapy which involves the use of kinesiology and remedies which are homeopathic/tautopathic. I was given Accutane homeopathically at different potencies, one was 90y and one was 50M. Both I think are fairly high potencies. I haven’t taken them other than those few times, and on my own I took Accutane 200C 2 or 3 times. I don’t feel any better. I just wonder if maybe I need to keep taking it. Because what they were doing with me was a kind of detox and I reacted badly to them all I haven’t persisted with their treatment. I just wonder for chronic long term problems what the right treatment is. Do you have any experience with treatment Accutane toxicity?



Hi Emma.  I’m sorry to hear about your suffering from Accutane.  I talk about this drug in Impossible Cure and how it can cause suicidal ideation among the teenagers who take it for acne.  Where I live in Palo Alto, teen suicide has become a huge problem.  While everyone discusses how to deal with it, no one mentions that the true cause might be drugs like antidepressants and Accutane.  In this community, parents have become accustomed to the idea that most teenagers need to be on some psychiatric drug!  It’s very sad.

Anyway, taking the offending drug in potency is one way to detox.  However, as you experienced, this can be a difficult experience and is by no means guaranteed.  My advice is to see a classical homeopath who has experience with isopathic treatment as well. Such homeopaths know better (than someone who does something like Field Control Therapy) how to use remedies to support the detox process.  They will also use general constitutional remedies to heal the body — which might be more important, really, than detox.  In my view, excellent classical treatment, based strictly on the overall mental/physical/emotional symptoms being experienced (which might involve isopathic/tautopathic remedies, or not), can more gently detox and heal.

By the way, I’m not sure what a 90y potency is.  I’ve never heard of it.  But yes, 50M is very high, and even 200c can be a very high potency.

I hope this is helpful!



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  1. Emma

    Thank you Amy for your response. Looking back at my question and seeing your response has made me think I wasn’t very clear with the information I gave you. Actually Field Control Therapy does exactly what you say, it supports the organs with sarcodes to help the elimination process. My reaction was apparently rare, most people who do FCT actually improve and don’t get sick because the elimination process is supported. It has an above 90% success rate. Moreover they use bio resonance testing/muscle testing to test what are the priorities in the body and what potencies your body can handle so that bad reactions are minimised. Also I think the reason I got ill was not due to taking the roaccutane remedy, I think it was the other remedies like homeopathic Mercury, pesticides and herbicides etc. The reason I say this is because when I’ve taken the roaccutane remedy by myself I haven’t got ill, just nothing has happened. Whereas when I’ve done FCT which has involved me taking the roaccutane remedy along with all the other remedies for other toxins I get ill. The bio resonance testing also said that roaccutane was no longer in my body but the roaccutane remedy still tested as the right remedy to take. The explanation for this is that roaccutane causes DNA alterations so the remedy can help push the DNA back to what they were. Anyway, your idea of seeing a homeopath who could give me some classical treatment alongside tautaopathic treatment is something worth considering so thank you.

    • lansky

      I understand. However, from my perspective, I’m much more certain about the choice of remedies based on human analysis than on a machine or muscle testing. I discuss this in chapter 6 of my book. I’ve heard some good things about FCT, but frankly, I’m still dubious of this kind of thing. -Amy


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