Dog gets abscesses after vaccination


Hi, my puppy has a few abcesses on his body — one of them was at an injection site from a parvo shot. However the others just appeared at random spots. He has one on his face that didn’t properly open since he is wearing a cone so the abxcess got chaffed by the cone, two on his legs, and one on his shoulder where he got the shot. Could a bacteria cause abscesses to form at different parts of a dogs body? He is a stay home dog so he doesn’t have contact with objects that could have harmed him. By the way, he is on antibiotics and the abscesses have been drained and opened for the puss to be released.

Thank you, Denisse


Hi Denisse.

First of all, you might try reading a previous Ask Amy post about another dog with abscess problems.

Of course, I’m not a vet, so it’s hard to say for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the parvo shot led to a systemic reaction in your dog. My recommendation is to work with a homeopathic vet (see link above for information.)

The remedy Silica, by the way, is both a good remedy for abscesses and for correcting vaccination damage.

Hope this helps!


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