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My dog is suffering from anal gland abscess. I gave him 3 doses of Arsenicum Album 200c. A new symptom appeared — he is vomiting for the past 4 days. I gave him Nux Vomica 200c, 3 doses, as an antidote. It relieved him for 20 hrs but he is vomiting again. He vomits when he walks. While lying down he is fine. Can you suggest anything?



Aman, it sounds like your dog is going through a hard time.  First let me say that I do not make treatment recommendations on Ask Amy.  Nor am I a practitioner (I only practiced part time for a couple of years).  However, I do give a lot of free educational advice to the general public about homeopathic treatment.

My first recommendation is to stop treating your dog yourself. Unless you are a trained homeopath, you are beginning to witness the consequences of treating oneself or one’s family (or pet) without really understanding homeopathy.  Three doses of 200c of any remedy is a lot of remedy!  Even if Arsenicum Album were the correct remedy (though it doesn’t spring to mind for me), your dog has needlessly suffered from a proving aggravation — vomiting is a strong symptom of Arsenicum Album.  My recommendation is to let this aggravation subside.  It may take several days.

There are many remedies for abscesses. If you choose to try another, I recommend using a much lower potency (say, 12c or 30c) and only a single dose, and seeing what happens.

However, your best option is to take your dog to a homeopathic vet if you can find one.  Many work online or over the phone.  I don’t know what country you are in, but in the United States, homeopathic vets (who are all licensed veterinarians) can be found through The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.  If working with a homeopathic vet is not possible, many homeopaths who treat humans successfully treat pets too.

Hope this helps!


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