Each Patient Heals in Their Own Way; Be Patient and Follow Your Intuition


Hello Amy.  I want to ask one question.

I’m a mother of ASD daughter, age 3.11. A year ago she was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism… It’s about a year since I started homeopathic treatment.

After one year of treatment I can say that there is a good change in her receptive language and speech (she talks in single words and a few two-word sentences) but there is no change in her eye contact. She also still makes a humming sound, is rocking, impatient, has self-talking, and screams when things are not according to her will. She also has awakening and teeth grinding, etc.

My question is that, in your opinion, should I consider this to be improving? Or should I change my homeopath (he is good classical homeopath) as she is improving in speech but not in the other areas? I’m desperately waiting for your reply. Thanks!

— Mahmoona



Hi Mahmoona.  I must admit that it is hard to say.  Many people would be thrilled to get the language improvements first… they get eye contact, but no language!

In my opinion, there are two possible explanations or paths forward:

1) Your practitioner might need to change remedies or be slightly more aggressive in dosing.

2) Each patient heals in their own way, according to the wisdom of their own body.  Your daughter is improving in language first.  All of the symptoms you describe are typical autism symptoms. I would say that it’s likely that these symptoms will also improve over time, you just need to be more patient.

Also consider this.  Being autistic is a bit like being hidden in your own world. As the child comes out and joins our world, it can create a lot of anxiety for them. So sometimes things like stimming, etc.  can actually get worse for a while. Also, expressing her needs and wants is good! It’s better than not expressing them!  But given her current limitations, she naturally gets frustrated.

I would talk to your practitioner and see what they think.  Do they feel like your daughter is still making progress?

I would definitely give it another 6 months or so.  If you still feel dissatisfied, then you might consider another practitioner. Follow your gut intuition.

Hope this helps!


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