General Homeopathic Advice for Systemic Problems

remediesI often get questions like the following one:

Could you please make a recommendation for hypothyroid and low adrenal?

My response to any question like this is always the same:  see a homeopath, preferably an experienced classical homeopath. There is not a single remedy for a problem like hypothyroid or low adrenals.

The selection of a remedy and the treatment plan for any systemic problem like this one —  functional problems in which organs of the body are not operating within normal ranges — is almost always based on the patient’s overall constitution.  The only way to find the correct remedy for you  is through private consultation with a classical homeopath, who will investigate all your symptoms,  physical, mental, and emotional, and find the correct remedy for you.

Reading Impossible Cure is the best way to understand what I’m talking about.  My website also provides guidance about how to find a good homeopath.

I hope this helps!



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