Homeopathy and Psoriasis


Have you had any success with the healing of psoriasis?  My daughter who is 31 has had it since she was 13.  It was 80% coverage, but with a lot of natural treatments and dietary changes, it is only on knees and elbows.  Thank you for your consideration.

– Her Mom


Dear Concerned Mom,

I know that psoriasis is really a horrible and irritating chronic problem, and that traditional medicine doesn’t provide many good answers, especially none that are truly curative. Did you know that the word “psoriasis” derives from the Hebrew word used in the Bible, “tzaraath,” for skin diseases? The common Jewish word for troubles or aggravations is “tzuris,”coming from the same word.

Luckily, it is precisely these kinds of intractable chronic problems that homeopathy excels at! Although it might take a while to find a good remedy and dosing regimen, cure is possible.  You will need patience, however.

First, know that I myself am not a practitioner. I am more of an educator to the general public (through sites like this one!).  I do this out of trying to help others and do not receive compensation for these efforts.

Interestingly, however, I did treat patients part-time for a couple of years, and one of them was a long-time psoriasis sufferer.  None of the remedies I prescribed for her was truly curative, but I got close; I  later  found out that a remedy closely related to the last one I prescribed for her  finally did do the trick!

Anyway, there is a lot of  evidence for the success of homeopathy in treating psoriasis.  For example, you might check out the following article that recently appeared online: Is Psoriasis Permanently Curable in Homeopathy?  This article has links to others about psoriasis too.  If you do a Google search on “psoriasis treatment homeopathy,” you will find many other articles as well.

I would say that pretty much any experienced homeopath has treated many cases of psoriasis.  My recommendation is to find a very good classical homeopath.  You can find referral information on the web site for my book Impossible Cure.

I hope this was helpful!



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