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I want to learn homeopathy.  Can you teach me? -Razi


Hi Razi.

Wow, when I first saw this question, I laughed a bit.  Learning homeopathy — I mean really learning to practice homeopathy — is just as difficult and time-consuming as learning to practice conventional medicine.  Perhaps even more so! However, learning even some homeopathy can go a long way and is totally worthwhile, and there are many resources for you to explore.

As far as what I personally can teach you, my answer is: read my book, Impossible Cure!  That is why I wrote it! Not only is it an excellent patient education book, but it is used as a first-year text book by many homeopathic schools. If you read and absorb the material, you will pretty much understand everything you need to know about homeopathy except details of the remedies and treatment methods.  Then, to learn about individual remedies, you can begin with a variety of self-help books.  I include a “Helpful Reading” section at the end of Impossible Cure, but you can also just go to Amazon and type in “homeopathy”.

Another approach is to listen to the free recordings of my old radio shows, also available on my site, which essentially provide a short course on homeopathy, interspersed with interviews of homeopaths that treat autism.

To deepen your education after this, I recommend attending a homeopathic school, many of which offer online or distance learning opportunities.  You can find guidance on the site of the National Center for Homeopathy.  There are also excellent homeopathic publications you can read.  The National Center puts out an excellent quarterly magazine, Homeopathy Today.  Another excellent and free online publication is the Hpathy Newsletter. However, it is a bit more geared toward practitioners.

I hope this is helpful!


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