Recurring Emotional Patterns and Psychosomatic Illness


Hi Amy.

I am suffering from psychosomatic disorder for a while now. Will your book Active Consciousness be able to provide some insights on this? It’s been six years (and it’s affecting every aspect of my life) and I only found out that it is psychosomatic disorder a month ago, and I’m seeking help.

Relationship-wise, I am still recovering from a break up and it has been difficult. However, I do realize that there is a recurring pattern in all my relationships. All of them never survive the first big heated argument. How do I rectify that? I actually wish to reconcile with this person that I have just broken up with. How do I actually do that on the soul level?




There is so much to say in answer to your question. Although your illness may be termed “psychosomatic”, please know that almost all physical illnesses have both a psychological and a somatic (physical) component. Indeed, in my view, almost all physical illnesses ultimately begin in the psyche.  You might be interested in this article that I wrote about this topic.

It is wonderful that you are about to begin a period of reflection about your recurring emotional patterns in life. It may not only help to heal your physical woes, but set you on a path toward wholeness and healing in general. Reading Parts V and VI in Active Consciousness might be very helpful in discovering your “stories” and patterns and releasing them.

However, be aware that the process of manifestation described in Active Consciousness cannot (and should not) be used to force a relationship upon anyone.  The question is, what is the highest good that your Higher or Inner Self wants?  If it is compatible with that of your partner’s Self, then perhaps you will find reconciliation. You might also check out the other articles I have written about relationships on this blog.

In my writing, I have often touched upon the topic of Huna, a system of thought and behavior based on ideas from Hawaiian shamanism.  In fact, I have just begun writing a new book that makes many of the ideas from Active Consciousness more accessible and practical through the lens of Huna!

Your problem with your relationships is a perfect way to apply ideas from Huna.  You have identified an emotional pattern or “complex”.  The next question is, when did this first occur?  Can you come up with an incident?  What are your beliefs about it? What are your emotions around it? For example, do you believe that relationships can never survive disagreement? Does this belief arise in your family of origin, or from some experience in the past?  What is your emotion?  Where in your body do you feel it?  (And does it by any chance relate to your physical problems?) You can start to release a complex by stating your intention (out loud and in writing) to do so and performing a ritual to remove it.  Written and spoken statements are take very seriously by the part of yourself in which your emotions reside, sometimes called the Basic Self.

Finally, one form of medicine that is excellent at helping with problems like these and creating deep shifts in awareness and consciousness is homeopathy.  You might be interested in reading my first book, Impossible Cure.

I hope this is helpful!


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