Role of Wheat and Dairy Elimination in Treating Aspergers and Other Autism Spectrum Diseases (ASD)


Hi Amy,

What role does wheat/casein elimination play in reducing Aspergers symptoms?

If you don’t mind I’ll give you precise information as to what I’ve done. I have been on and off homeopathic medicines for 9 years. I’m 29 now. My energy level is better when I’m off wheat, but how about dairy? Will I get better over time by staying off ice cream and milk?

I was being treated with homeopathic medicines from 2005-2010 and in 2014. I started wheat elimination in July 2011 and will never go back to wheat.  I began dairy elimination in December and would like to continue with no dairy forever.

Should I resume homeopathic medicine now that I plan on staying off the devious duo of wheat/casein? I want to know if brain functions in socializing will work better.

Lastly, I think we have to suffer through change of habits to get the payoff at the end. Life is about habits and admitting to being wrong when you’re not getting results.

Thank you for reading my questions.



Hi Michael,

I do think that both wheat and dairy elimination are important for ASD folks, which includes Aspergers.  The trick is to eliminate things one at a time (which you have) and see if you benefit.  You may find, for example, that it’s enough to eliminate straight milk but not all dairy, such as cheese.  Or, you may find that all dairy elimination achieves the best results.  After a couple of weeks, you should know if eliminating something is helping you feel better. Other things to try eliminating are  food colorings and genetically modified foods (which definitely means pretty  much all soy and corn unless it’s organic). I have also found that foods one has a strong craving for are often culprits as well.

And yes, of course, I think homeopathy will be able to help you more now that you are off of foods that are aggravating you.

Think of these foods as a “maintaining cause” (which I talk about in my book, Impossible A maintaining cause is something  that you are sensitive to and is constantly aggravating your system. It can be foods, poor diet, avoidable allergens, poor living conditions like dampness or mold, habits like heavy drinking or smoking, or toxic relationships or jobs.  These maintaining causes will make it harder for a remedy to do its work.  Part of the homeopath’s job is to help you identify maintaining causes and provide advice in eliminating them.

For ASD folks, and many other people really, foods with gluten and dairy in them aggravate them.  Some of this is due to the toxification of our food supply with GMO’s, pesticides, and other unnatural agricultural practices.  For example, I have recently discovered that most wheat is treated with glyphosate (aka Roundup) after it is harvested!  (To learn more about my own discoveries of such things, subscribe to my Twitter feed.)  And many find that they can consume raw, unpasteurized dairy products — and in fact, that it is healing rather than aggravating to them!

Nevertheless, eventually, with successful homeopathic treatment, you may be able to reintroduce these things, because you will have become less susceptible to and affected by them.  But often, food sensitivities may be the last to go. Proceed with caution as you reintroduce aggravating foods, and try to be as “clean” and organic as you can.

I hope this is helpful!


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