The Cause of Autism


Hi Amy.  Do you know what caused your son’s autism?  Was it after a vaccine?


The honest answer is that I don’t really know.  But I have my suspicions that it was the MMR vaccine given at 15 months.  There was not a dramatic negative effect like for some children  (such effects, usually frankly neurological, are usually caused by the DPT vaccine), but upon examining videos years later, I noticed that the slow decline in responsiveness and his drift into a dream-like state began at that time. In addition, I discovered that I had postponed that particular doctor’s appointment for a week because Max was recovering from roseola, which is a disease related to measles.  Not only had he been in a compromised state health-wise, but he had just had a disease related to the vaccine itself.  It might also be interesting to know that Max showed notable leaps in development and maturity after he experienced a very mild case of what appeared to be measles (not totally sure, though) at age 8 and mumps at age 15. He also had pertussis (whooping cough) at age 3. I viewed these ailments as the vaccines finally leaving his system (by the way, none of his friends had these diseases at the time) and we used only homeopathy to treat.  I am also thrilled that Max  now has true immunity to mumps!

Other possibly related causal factors:  I used to have 11 mercury fillings in my teeth (they have all since been replaced); and there is obviously a genetic sensitivity in my family, since there is at least distant one cousin in the family with autism (unfortunately, they never gave homeopathy a real try), and I now believe my brother (who is schizophrenic) is also on the spectrum. My other son, Izaak, has also suffered over the years from tics (for the most part, these have been completely remediated by homeopathy) and he is also gluten and dairy intolerant (though Max is not!).

It is also interesting to note that the autism epidemic started really shooting up after the introduction of the HepB vaccine at birth.  Max was born in  1991, just when this began.  Interestingly, I didn’t even know he had been given this vaccine in the hospital!  I only discovered it about 4 years ago when Max was blood-tested at a routine checkup for HepB and the blood test showed he had been vaccinated.  (But not to my knowledge!)

By the way, Max is perfectly fine now.  Not a trace of any kind of problem.  He is 25, living in Los Angeles working as a motion graphics artist full-time. He has a degree from USC’s top-rated film school (in animation).  He is probably one of the most gregarious social people you could ever meet.

Finally, I recommend you read what I have to say about Max’s case in Chapter 3 of Impossible Cure. Also, check out my recommendations on the Impossible Cure web site page about autism. I have also spoken about my views vis-a-vis vaccines on Your Baby Booty.

Finally, I think it’s important to say that I believe autism is a probably an auto-immune disease caused by a perfect-storm of causes.  I talk about this extensively, and the rate of increase of autism, in a recent article.  Factors include over-vaccination, toxins in the vaccines (e.g., mercury and aluminum) and in our environment (notably glyphosate from Roundup), the poor state of our food supply, and exposure to EMFs in the form of WIFI, cellphones, cordless phones, smart meters, and more. As these factors increase and intensify, more and more children are falling prey to them.  At first it may only have been those who were super sensitive, but now less and less sensitivity is necessary to succumb.


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  1. ellie

    Hi Amy, Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you to your husband for his part, with MedAlerts and NVIC. (How I found you). I just read How To Prevent Autism by Dara Berger. Any vaccine injury story is sad to read. I appreciate and honor moms like you and Dara for your diligence and endurance in helping your children, and for sharing your experience in order to help others.

    A special thank you for mentioning the correlation of EMFs in the form of WIFI, cellphones, cordless phones, smart meters, etc. The Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence is being marketed as vaccines have been; modern miracles meant to make life better for all. But technopoly, growing like wild-fire, out of control, and consuming us in its wake, is another lie, another crime against (an unassuming) humanity.

    Thank you for shining your bright light of consciousness.


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