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Old-BooksHi Amy.
I was wondering if you have heard of a web site called Joining is free and you can look up many books and read them on line. I looked up homeopathy and found some really old books to read. One that I think you should look up is Fifty Reasons For Being A Homeopath by James Compton Burnett, 1896.  Just thought I would pass this info along to you.



Jim, thanks for this info!  No, I wasn’t aware of this site! Thanks for passing this on to me and the other Ask Amy readers. I imagine that many of the old great homeopathic books are past copyright and available on this site.  What a great resource!

Burnett was certainly one of our homeopathic greats. I talk about him in my book Impossible Cure. I describe his conversion from allopathy to homeopathy, as well as the fact that he was one of the first homeopaths to discuss the problem of vaccinosis — disease being triggered by vaccinations — a problem that we are all too familiar with today.

Readers of Ask Amy might be interested in another wonderful source of free homeopathic treasures:  Another useful source of free books can be found on

The classics of homeopathy are as relevant today as they were back in the 1800s, because unlike allopathic medicine, the principles of homeopathy — Likes Cure Likes — never change!  If a remedy cured a symptom then, it still does today!


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