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itchy-skinI have a question. I am male, age 73yrs. I am getting itching all over my body in winters. Now it is severe; it was moderate some years back. I have started using Calendula/Graphitis/Thuja ointments and bio chemic no 20. Allopathy/dermatologist treatment was of no use. I am a lymphoma patient in remission for over 6 yrs and underwent chemotherapy. Help me.




I know how irritating itchiness can be.  I tend to be a bit itchy myself, especially my back in the evenings.  This is a very common symptom, particularly for post-menopausal women, because our skin becomes much drier. Your lymphoma treatment may have exacerbated this problem for you.

First, know that I am not a practitioner and do not provide treatment advice on this site.

My recommendation is that you see a  good classical homeopath for this problem.  While over-the-counter homeopathic creams can often do wonders and are a good self-treatment option for many patients, especially because they do not usually antidote remedies being taken for other problems (in fact, I use such creams myself on occasion), it seems to me that your problems are more systemic and deeper in nature — especially because of your past treatment for lymphoma. That is why treatment under the guidance of a homeopath might be more successful.  I do have some referrals lists on my site.

As readers of Impossible Cure know, I am also not a big fan of over-the-counter mixed remedies, such as biochemics. They do not provide very good homeopathic treatment.

Another option for you might be supplementation with oils — for example, fish oil or coconut oil. I have incorporated both into my daily health regimen because they have many other health benefits as well! Topical coconut oil might also be helpful. You can find a lot online about the use of such oils for itchiness. A good naturopath might also be helpful in providing advice about such supplements.

I hope this is helpful!


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