There Is Hope With Homeopathy

Amy Lansky
Published: 03/27/2019

This has been a difficult newsletter to approach and write. The past month has been full of worrisome news for those of us in the world of alternative medicine, especially folks in the autism community with concerns about forced vaccination.

Every alternative medicine newsletter I’ve read lately is awash in panic about a possible federal expansion of powers to remove all state vaccine exemptions for everyone, not just school children. Efforts are afoot (once again, led by legislators from my own state of California — which initiated the forced vaccination trend in the USA with the passage of SB277 in 2015) to impose media censorship on any “anti-vaccine” information. Facebook has begun to block information. Amazon has already removed some books focused on autism recovery. Frankly, I am worried that they will also remove my own book Impossible Cure, despite the fact that it touches only lightly on the vaccine issue, which wasn’t strongly in my consciousness at the time I wrote it. (NOTE: As of now, my book is still on Amazon.)

Couple all of this with recent efforts by the FDA to gradually remove our access to homeopathic remedies. It is very hard not to believe that these developments, fueled by the power of Big Pharma (which now exceeds that of the military-industrial complex and has bought politicians of every political stripe), is part of some grand plot to decimate our collective health and reduce the population, or at least to subjugate all of us mentally and physically. I applaud the bravery of people like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his Children’s Health Defense organization or Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center, with her recent statement about the erosion of our basic civil liberties.

Putting aside the most sinister motives, there is legitimate reason for panic in the allopathic world. The overuse of vaccines has been a colossal mistake and perhaps even they know it, or at least are beginning to realize it. I wrote about this in an article I wrote a couple of years ago. Just as with the debacle of overused antibiotics, the desperation of those in the know is well-founded. An increasingly small number of people, born before 1958, still have true immunity to the childhood diseases. That leaves a growing population of inherently unhealthy and unprotected people. Unfortunately, the only tool known by the Big-Pharma machine is to impose more suppression: more antibiotics, more vaccines and forced vaccination. Pity them, for they blind themselves to the knowledge of any other way.

I can’t pretend to offer much comfort to young parents who want to protect the health of their children. I can’t pretend to not be afraid for myself and my family.

But what I can offer to you is this: There is hope with homeopathy, along with other alternative means of healing. That’s why it’s important that we support organizations that work for our freedom to access homeopathy and remedies. In the meantime, in case authorities render our access to remedies more difficult, I recommend stocking up now, including nosodes, which will likely be harder to get in the future. Do it. The good news is that your remedies will last indefinitely, no matter what the labels say, if they are stored properly. Build your knowledge of how to use them. Homeopathy may not be easy or perfect, but it provides hope. It can bolster your immune system so that you become more resilient to whatever is unleashed upon you (including forced vaccination) and help you to recover if you do fall ill.

Over the past few weeks, both my husband and I have been working through this year’s difficult flu. I hadn’t been sick in a few years. My husband never gets acutes; I haven’t seen him this sick in our 38 years together except for a couple of bouts of food poisoning. Unfortunately, we fell ill during a two-week vacation to Hawaii, which we ended up spending holed up inside. Luckily, I had remedies with me (I never travel without them). Gelsemium did the trick for Steve. Initially Phosphorus and later Bryonia has done the trick for me, though I’m still recovering. This flu has been a sobering learning experience, but I know that I am now stronger because of it. My immune system has been exercised. Homeopathy came to the rescue, even if the process took a while.

I’ll conclude with this. Homeopathy teaches us that suppression is never the answer. It may be a necessary stopgap measure at times, but it is never curative. Likewise, the suppression of information is never the answer. The suppression of access to healing tools is never the answer. Forcing suppression upon others is never the answer. Yes, there may be difficult times ahead. But sometimes things have to get much worse before people wake up and take action.

Let’s try to have faith. And let’s remember that there is always hope with homeopathy.

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