Think HOMEOPATHY! — for Summertime Woes and Back to School

Amy Lansky
Published: 09/28/2018

Summertime is waning and school days are nearly here. Remember that homeopathy can come to the rescue for all of those summer bumps, bruises, and stings. And when you’re sending your kids off to school, don’t forget to send remedies too! I’ve always bought or created a kit for my children when they went to camp, traveled, went to university, or set up their new home as adults.

Here are some useful ideas:

Homeopathic Creams

My own own homeopath, Deborah Olenev, sells a suite of very useful and effective homeopathic first-aid creams. Recently, I have been using one of her creams for a coccyx injury. Be aware that, just like any remedy, these creams shouldn’t be used repeatedly like some kind of salve. Apply, wait a few days to see the response, and if effective, apply only as needed (that is, only when the symptom returns or starts getting worse again).

At her homeopathic creams site,, Olenev provides a lot of useful and educational information. This includes a comprehensive article about the uses of each cream, repertorizing charts, and tips about the use of creams for certain needs (e.g., for children and for numerous common complaints). In fact, I’ve learned a lot from reading her articles!

Useful Articles from Washington Homeopathics and Homeopathic Educational Services

I get the monthly newsletters from Washington Homeopathic Products and Homeopathic Educational Services and find them to be loaded with handy information. In addition to product information, they include articles or pointers to articles about the uses of remedies, new research results about the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, information about homeopathic practice and philosophy, and timely alerts about supporting your access to homeopathy.

The Homeopathic Educational Services site includes a blog, videos, and much more. You can see the latest Washington Homeopathics newsletter at this link. The August issue includes articles about the most important travel/vacation remedies to pack, and research projects in Belgium and Italy that followed the progress of hundreds of patients who used homeopathy (successfully!) for serious medical conditions.

Buy Kits for Yourself and Loved Ones!

I love my homeopathy kits. You can get them from many suppliers, but my own personal favorites are from Helios, Washington Homeopathic Products, and Natural Health Supply.

Don’t forget — when you or a family members has some kind of health issue, consider turning to homeopathy first, not last. More often than not, you’ll save a lot of time, money, aggravation, and get well quicker too!


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