Dealing With Difficult Remedy Reactions

Amy Lansky
Published: 03/08/2013

While it is true that negative reactions to homeopathic remedies pale in comparison to the havoc sometimes wreaked by conventional medicines (disease caused by conventional drugs — also known as iatrogenic disease — is considered to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States), the medicinal energies of homeopathy, though dilute, can sometimes pose difficulties. It is therefore important to know the difference between “good” difficult reactions versus “bad” ones, and how to deal with them. For another discussion about remedy reactions, see my April 2012 newsletter or read chapter 8 of Impossible Cure.

The most important thing to remember if you believe you are having a difficult reaction to a remedy is: stop taking the remedy and call your homeopath. This is true whether the reaction is a good one or bad one. If you are experiencing discomfort that you feel has been caused by a remedy, your body does not need any more remedy stimulation at this time. Try to think of the action of a homeopathic remedy as an energetic nudge that sets a ball in motion. As long as the ball is still rolling, there is no need for further nudges.

(Please note that the discussion below pertains to the treatment of chronic, not acute disease.)

There are five basic types of troublesome reactions to remedies:

The “Good” Ones:

Aggravation of Existing Symptoms
This means that the remedy has definitely matched and resonated with you, but the dosing was probably just a little too aggressive. When you stop the remedy, the aggravation should pass (usually within a day or two, or at most a couple of weeks) and afterward, you will probably experience a noticeable improvement of your symptoms. During an aggravation, a patient will often feel better within themselves or show other general signs of improvement, despite the aggravated symptoms. Consult with your homeopath if an aggravation lasts for more than a week or is especially troublesome.

Return of Old Symptoms
This means that the remedy has lifted the outermost “layer” of your disease state and has now revealed previous layers. For example, your asthma symptoms may have improved but now you have eczema that you previously experienced years ago. This is an excellent development. Sometimes, the old symptoms will also disappear after a while. Or sometimes, further treatment of this previous layer will be needed. Be patient and consult with your homeopath.

Cleansing Reactions
These types of reactions involve the expulsion of disease energy from the body. Typical examples include: the development of skin rashes or itching, diarrhea, nasal discharge, or an acute illness such as a cold. Consult with your homeopath.

The “Bad” Ones:

All New Strange (But Not Severe) Symptoms Never Experienced Before
This can occur when a remedy is a partial, but pretty good match. This is especially true if you are otherwise improving, except for these few minor symptoms. The remedy will probably do you good, but has caused a minor “proving” — that is, you are developing symptoms that can be caused by the remedy substance. Discontinue taking the remedy for now. These symptoms should disappear within a few days.

All New and Severe Symptoms Never Experienced Before
This can occur when the remedy was incorrect and the potency was too high for you. Stop taking the remedy and consult with your homeopath. The reaction will likely dissipate over a few days. If not, your homeopath will probably recommend antidoting the remedy. Typical methods of antidoting include drinking coffee (a generally weak antidote) or inhaling strong vapors such as eucalyptus or menthol (which usually lessens and sometimes completely stops the aggravation). However, the best antidote is taking a better remedy. In my own experience, the correct remedy can antidote such a reaction within minutes or hours.

Why do troublesome reactions occur?

While there are some clues that can indicate a patient’s innate sensitivity to homeopathic remedies, in general, it is impossible for a homeopath to know in advance how a new patient will react to a particular remedy in a particular potency (remedy “strength”). Like everything in homeopathy, each patient is unique in their sensitivity. In my personal experience, some people even react best to specific potencies. For example, some people react positively to a 30c or 1M (which is the same as 1000c) dose, but cannot tolerate a 200c dose. Don’t forget, homeopathy is all about resonance to a remedy and potency, and it all depends on the unique energetic signature of the patient — which, unfortunately, cannot be measured.

That’s why formulaic approaches, where every patient is given the same fixed regimen, are generally not advisable. Of course, fixed regimens are de rigeur in conventional medicine, and using them certainly makes prescribing easier for the practitioner. But even allopathic doctors are beginning to learn that one size does not fit all. Tailored therapies for cancer, for example, are just beginning to come into vogue.

Classical homeopaths know well that the choice of a remedy must be tailored to the patient. But dosing management can be even more complex. Because it is logistically impossible for homeopaths to stay in constant contact with their patients, most practitioners develop dosing protocols that work just fine for most of their patients. That is why it is up to you, the patient, to contact your homeopath when a particular protocol does not work for your case.

So once again: When in doubt: stop taking a remedy and call your homeopath!

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  1. furkhan

    what if patient feel both aggravation of existing symptoms
    and return of old symptoms
    plz help

  2. Mag

    I’m taking a hypothalamus remedy that’s causing reactions similar to what I had when I was on Prozac. First one sent me to ER though thinking I was having anaphylaxis. Second time was milder but still upsetting… It’s hard to distinguish which type of reaction this is.

  3. Mona

    I am planning to treat my son’s concerns with homeopathy. But I was recommended to stop and vitamin supplements that I give him , all thru the process. Why is this . My son is nutrient deficit . What to do? Pls advice.

  4. saif

    i used lm 1 potency of nux vom. with one dose i was feeling great and was almost ok. then believing i have smelled eucalyptus oil used in balm i repeated lm 1 after shaking and diluting the remedy. all the good effects vanished and original symptoms returned what should i do. need help.

  5. Juju

    Does Lycopodium causes dry eyes? I’ve had dry eye symptom before is this normal as a aggravation? My Homeopathic doctor is prescribing me 1M lycopodium for Chronic Urticaria and my symptoms came back but not worse but just my left eye have this dry eye feeling to it. Thanks.

  6. Jenna

    My dog was dead within two weeks of stopping Arsenicum and Carcinosum, after horrific cardiovascular, GI, and neurological distress. None of these symptoms was present before “treatment” began. Where can I report this (national databank?, research that studies bad outcomes, etc?) so that your field can develop reliable and valid safety and contraindications data which The Naturopathic vet who prescribed it could not provide? Ditto for the other naturopaths and homeopaths (both human and veterinary) I consulted for closure after he died. And where might I find evidence of proven safety and efficacy?

  7. Lynn

    I took my first dose of the remedy my homeopath gave me this morning. Within a half hour I started to feel achy, sore throat. Normally I would reach for one of my own remedy’s which would take care of it but I know I should not do that now. Is it possible for a healing response to happen so quickly.


  8. Graeme

    I happened onto your sight via an internet search to sort out an unwanted reaction to a homeopathic remedy. I’m not seeking medical advice, just trying to better understand things.

    I suffer from the complex condition known as chronic Lyme disease. As a result I’ve come to seek out all sorts of arcane treatments and approaches to improve my quality of life. So like you I didn’t just decide I was going to stick my head into energetic medicine and all the mysterious things of this world out of curiosity alone. It was desperation. However this led me on a path that has really blown my mind. It turns out I’ve somewhat of a sensitivity to some of this. And it’s addictive. I’m really turned on by understanding things, and I find these mysterious subjects especially intriguing. I intend to go over your site to see what interesting things you’ve discovered.

    But back to my reason for contacting you. Almost three weeks ago I took a remedy to stimulate my immune system and this has had a most undesirable effect. I’m wondering if what I continue to contend with is residual inflammation (as these things can often have a tail) or if the remedy might still be stimulating my immune system in a way that’s causing inflammation I can’t deal with. And if it’s the latter is there some kind of antidote.


  9. Graeme

    Sorry, that was a bit of a bonehead move. I’d skimmed your article and not realized you did suggest some antidotes. I’m going to try these.

  10. Hopecoconutworks

    Hello all, I am very new to Homeopathy treatment. We recently brought our 4 yr old for homeopath, he has epilepsy which is suspected from a head injury. He was prescribed cicuta 30c. Use only 2 pellets in 250ml water, then get 1 tsp into 2nd cup of water, then another tsp in 3rd cup of water. We use the 3rd cup of water as medicine. 1 tsp everyday. Since started the remedy, he has seizure every 3 or 4 days which lasted less tha 2 mins (as usual). But we noticed the seizure length and intensity was SLIGHTLY improve but we r not sure and it could be the way it is. That continued for 3 weeks. Then for some reasons, we stopped the remedy for 3 days and he had a seizure lasted 5 mins!!!.That was very scary! Then on that day, we started Arnica 30C tinture 2 drops after the 5 mins seizure. Now seemz like every alternate day he has seizure which lasted less than 2 mins as usual. He did had 1 or 2 absence seizures since arnica but not very often from past experiences but it seems the duration is longer (3 to 4 mins, was 20 secs before). We are confuse and we are wondering if anyone know what kind of reaction this could be? we have a lot of confident in Homeopathy treatment for epilepsy but it is a bit scary and we are hoping to pump ourselves up with some common knowledge as well. We were advice only give Arnica 2 drops if we feel the seizure is coming (more sniffing as aura but it does not always comes with seizure. But he has this sniffing after the first seizure started and we are very positive it is associated with seizure and it is not tics) and/or everytime the seizure happens. We feel both cicuta and arnica are good for seizure from head injury but obviously we are only taking anica now. Its been 6 days since started Arnica. How soon can we see real improvements like no seizure or sniffing ? And how long can we conclude this remedy is not the right one? Do the aggravations from these 2 remedies does not falls in any good or bad reactions?

  11. Stephanie

    Very interesting to read thank you. I have taken calc carb 30c three times daily for a week. symptoms like dreadful thirst at night and cold knees, swollen abdomen and bloating improved but I’ve come out in dreadful acne, blind spots, swollen painful weeping. So have stopped taking the remedy and the sots have cleared up. But the symptoms that had improved have returned!! Am unsure if I took the remedy too often, am I proving it, or is this a positive cleansing reaction? I will add that I have suffered this kind of acne for periods of time in the past so it’s not a new symptom. Question is what do I do now? I would be so grateful if you could give me some advice. Many thanks.

  12. manish

    HI my son who was premature born at 29 weeks . he is now 4.5 yrs old and has been diagnosed with autism . his autistic symptoms were visible from age of 3 . It was more noticeable after he had very high fever and shivering at age of 3. he was not speaking much only few single words at that stage. so we started his homeopathy treatment after all of these story’s where autism is cured with homeopathy . since we started treatment he had MMR course which aggravated his symptoms lot .then after few weeks he back to normal symptoms but did start speaking little more than before. then we waited nearly 2 months until 3 weeks ago we started DPT 30 which aggravate his symptoms lot like Hyperactive banging object to walls lots of spitting and scratching, biting ,pinching . did gave him Baryta Carb 1m after 2 days of DPT also . week later again we gave him DPT 200 And Baryta Carb 1M after two days. This time symptoms were same again aggravated but on day six and seven he was little calmer than before . in 3rd week gave him 1M and Baryta Carb 1M after 2 days. this time symptoms aggravated lot again he is very hyper and spiting lot and few of his old symptoms came back also . Now my main question is is this normal to have all those bad symptoms at high level after DPT if it is how long it takes to clear this . since we have not noticed any big change in his symptoms other than he was finally Potty trained after 2 years since we been try to train him . Please if you can give us your input on this . Thanks Hope to get reply .

  13. Terra

    Hi Amy,
    My 21 year old son who was a brilliant, gifted child fell into bad company in university and indulged in some drugs and aalcohol. He had a psychotic breakdown and quit school. He was depressed for two years and not communicating much. He had counselling which seemed to help some. But he was still morose. A classical Homeopath prescribed tantalum metallicum which seemed to help with his suppressed anger. He was on the remedy for about 8 months and was back in school but he never regained his earlier brilliance. Recently he suddenly started behaving bizarrely like smiling and laughing to himself. He seems very spaced out and not aware of what’s going on around him. The Homeopath gave up !!!
    Another Homeopath after a consultation prescribed Lac Delphinum 200 C once a week. I gave him a dose last week. My boy seems to be getting worse. I am worried. Do you think the remedy is wrong for him? Is this an aggravation?
    Please I need your advice! I am at my wits’ end.

  14. Vanessa

    I tried 30c rhus tox 3 times a day. I have arthritis in my fingers and ankle. Also sciatica and herpes.

    I got a reaction of herpes and its cleared then I got so much pain and depression crying all time.
    The pain and stiffness in my fingers was unbareable. My neck is still so stiff.
    I have had to stop the rhus tox as I could not cope . I do match the side effects of rhus tox very well…but I don’t suffer depression.

    Do you think the reaction was good or bad?

  15. Therea Khalil

    I had an old tooth sinus infection that lasted even after the tooth extraction and after 2 years of many many doctors, some are modern medicine and some are homeopathic no one was able to help. few days ago I bought from the pharmacy a Homeopathic medicine called Sinus Relief from I only took for one day and the next day my nose got so swollen and red. I stopped the remedy but the next day my eyes got swollen and parts of my face and today the second day after stopping I have heat in my nose and my lips and gum inside my mouth are swollen as well plus itchy feeling in my face skin.
    What can I do????
    The contents are Allium cepa 9D, Eupharasia officinalis 9D, Sticta pulmonaria 9D, Nux vomica 9D, Hydrastis canadensis 4D, Thuja occidentalis 4D, Hepar sulphuris calcareum 9D

  16. Heather

    Hi Amy,
    I loved your first book; it was required reading at the beginning of my classical homeopathy studies. I couldn’t put it down! I plan to get your new one too.

    Anyway, in reading through many of the comments here, I’ve noticed that there are many instances of people taking a 30c remedy “three times per day”, which in most cases is way too much for chronic treatment. I think the reason why this is happening (at least in the US) is because these are the instructions that the FDA requires for OTC remedy purchases, which completely short circuits the healing. In advising my cases, I find that people will ignore my dosing advice and follow what’s on the bottle when they buy the remedy themselves. It almost seems like since one can buy this medicine OTC, it’s hard for people to make the mental shift into understanding that there is an entire principle behind this treatment that cannot be contained in two lines on a bottle. So in a way we can’t blame people for doing this but it’s frustrating as a homeopath to get people to make the mental shift from allopathic to homeopathic that you so wonderfully describe in your book.

  17. jatin

    i am taking the treatment of mpb, past 2 months,when i begin the treatment hair fall alot but texture and dryness was improved… then continue hair fall worse and worse but hair texture, shine and quality improved….
    but i am unable to understand weather i am on track or not… becuuse sometimes hair becomes very healthy strong and shiny and sometimes very week dull and dry… i am on treatment please help…. am i on write track…

  18. anne

    My homeopath is convinced that my remedy is cal carb (chronic, multiple issues) but I dont agree. So far I had it for a month and nothing. He then changed to a different remedy for a few days and put me back on the cal carb. I dont understand why.
    He doesnt like explaining, and I dont understand.
    The remedy he gave in between is, in my opinion, a terrible match. It did nothing either. Im starting to feel hopeless about this whole thing…
    I know I need to talk to him more, he just insists he’s right. Im definately not a cal carb but how long do I have to keep taking it before he’ll realise? I wondered what your thoughts might be on how long to give it. Thanks

  19. E. Bemis

    A homeopath prescribed a remedy for me that has overwhelmed my already weakened body. I explained this to her, but I don’t think she gets how sick this has made me. I frankly am calling her qualifications into question in my mind. Can you recommend a homeopath with whom you’ve had great results? I need someone who can work with me via Skype as I am so ill that I am bedbound.

  20. Musa Sehban

    I have peptic ulcer, caused by h pylori and my homeopath gave me pulsatilla 30c to be used as 3 drops mixed in a table spoon of water, thrice a day, for 20 days.
    I have learned that he has a tendency to give high doses to his patients and even though I believe I am having proving symptoms, I am afraid to go back to him.
    I have become extremely agitated and having “out of myself” experience.
    Please suggest an antidote for pulsatilla do I can get over this awful feeling.
    I have been on this medicine for 9 days.
    Thank you so much

  21. Mary

    Hi Amy,
    My daughter is 20, and has dyspraxia. We have had great success with biomedical treatment, but decided to start homeopathy. It has been about 6 months now. Our homeopath prescribed baryta carbonica 12 c. Honestly the original results were nothing short of astounding. We switched to 30 c and then LM4. It started giving her a metallic taste in her mouth. She was very agitated. Then with every cycle she has developed a burning UTI. Lots of water retention. The homeopath then phos something 12c. It made her absolutely vile. She then ordered calcerea carbonica 30c. She seems to do ok, but it still seems to kick up agitation. Trying not to give unless I see symptoms. I’m kind of at a loss. The beginning results were astounding. Now it seems to be in a holding pattern, but for the chronic UTI. She gave Nux Vox for the UTI and it made her absolutely awful. Any thoughts.

  22. Karine

    My daughter has had eczema for a few years now….which i believe was caused by the DTAP vaccine. She has taken Theridion In the past and she is now taking Theridion 1M. I see her symptoms come and go and get more aggrivated one day to another. I feel it’s the right remedy but not sure about the dosing….I read in your previous comments that dosing can aggrivate symptoms, which i believe is happening. I sometimes feel that her symptoms are “stuck” cause they come and go. Is that a good sign or a bad one? Also, she definitely gets more itchy when she is emotional….Is there remedies specific to emotion and habit?
    Thank you.

  23. Emily Harding

    Thank-you for this encouraging article. It makes me feel a little better as I recently gave my cat Nux Vomica 6x and it brought about an aggravation of symptoms he experienced 3 years ago and again 18 months ago as well as similar symptoms he’s recently been struggling with.

    It pains me to see him all crouched in the “doorstop” position and it is all I can do not to antidote the remedy, but according to your article, he’ll make it through.

    When I took him in three years ago he’d had incontinent green watery diarrhea and a prolapsed rectum for months. One does of Arsenicum Album 30c brought the prolapse back in and in 2 days he could make it to the litter and his stools were getting better. Two days after that he actually had a formed stool. I thought he was permanently healed. Of course I’d been complementing the remedy with diet and herbs feeding him chicken broth and Slippery Elm gruel and a bland diet leading to eventually feeding him mostly raw. All seemed well. Other issues like parasites seemed to be solved with herbs. His brother came to live with us.

    After a year and a half I noticed he’d become really constipated. I gave him Nux Vomica 30c and he immediately was relieved of his constipation but hours later his explosive diarrhea and prolapsed rectum returned. All I could think to do was to put him back on the Arsenicum Album 30 c which I did and repeated the protocol I gave him when I first got him. He got better in a similar fashion as he had initially. However, I always wondered what would have happened if I’d let him ride out the Nux.

    Fast forward to now. Always having had an insatiable appetite, eating too quickly and eating things he shouldn’t be, in March he started vomiting beginning with vomiting up the end of a zucchini he must have found in the disposal which led to several episodes of vomiting throughout the next few days. On the second day there was an episode where he vomited bright red blood. I didn’t have Ipecac or Veratrum Album which seemed to me like they’d be more appropriate than what I had. So I gave him another dose of Ars Alb 30 c. It seemed to stop his vomiting blood but not the vomiting. After those first few days feeding him only broth and Slippery Elm gruel and tiny bits of boiled chicken helped him to get through a week or so without vomiting. I thought he really needed to rest his stomach and fast or eat only liquids but the vet, who’d diagnosed him with Ulcerative Colitis said he needed to eat. So for 6 weeks I fed him about 3/4 of his usual “raw” diet after beginning with a bland diet. He gained back a little weight but he now vomited every other day. I finally decided to give him just chicken and bone broth and Slippery Elm gruel with a few herbs and gradually added in tiny amounts of boiled chicken. Giving him only trace amounts of food and hand feeding it to make sure he ate slowly seemed to help. He went for 10 days at one point without vomiting.

    A few days ago he started vomiting every day and a couple times a day. So I thought this would be an opportunity to try a low dose of Nux Vomica to hopefully redirect his vital force and put an end to the chronic vomiting since the 30 c had “resonated” with him the time before by bringing back his awful initial symptoms but I interrupted it by giving him Ars. Alb.

    I’d wished I’d had either Ipecac or Veratrum Album on hand then to give him during the first three days when he first started vomiting but since his symptoms had changed and the vomiting wasn’t bloody (but usually a hairball) I didn’t try Ipecac. Nor was it debilitating and he generally did not have diarrhea at this time, I didn’t think Veratrum Album fit.

    However, now that I’ve given him the Nux Vomica 6x it has brought back both vomit containing bile and some blood to make it pink and he had an episode of diarrhea, I was considering antidoting it. But having read your article, I’m less inclined to do so. I did give him an herbal antispasmodic after he vomited three times this morning and 5 hours later I let him have water which unfortunately he threw up a half hour later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope I figure out the right thing to do. I wish I lived in a part of the country where there were experienced homeopaths who could help me figure this out.

  24. Itay

    hi amy,
    i took cannabis sativa 30c about seven times in a seven months period.
    after a month i started to have severe anxiety , confusion and depression. 3 months after i stopped the remedy its still no good. i think i am proving the cannabis sativa.
    do you think the symptoms will stop? is there any way to antidote. i tried camphor and coffee. no help.

  25. Emily Harding

    Amy – I left a post with a question about aggravations which I see has been deleted or not yet posted. A number of days went by where it was being reviewed, I guess….
    Then I suppose it was decided you would not to bother posting it. Anyway, needless to say I never got a response. I went ahead and gave my cat the lowest dose possible of Nux Vomica 6x. It did make his current symptoms worse and it brought back some old ones. This lasted for 3-4 days. I waited for healing to take place afterwards and none did. He simply returned to the same symptoms he’d had before I gave him the remedy. So FYI, it is also possible to have an aggravation and NOT see any improvement after the aggravation is over. You might want to include that in an article to let people know this can happen.

  26. deborah butterfield

    i had poison oak for 1st time april 2016,it came thru neighbors fence&on my dogs fur to in blood stream on entire body,had to get celestone shots,had 5 shots&skin thinned,skin tore easily,hair broke off ,anxiety was sky high,had hysterectomy 2009&take estrogel&feel it amplifies side effects of shots,in aug still had on underwear line(after shots was only putting on calamine with zinc no proximine in it.&my dr s receptionist said to take rus tox pill, explained to pharmacist what i went thru&she said it will get rid of remainder on body, i broke out in a horrible rash on whole crotch area,which i figured is poison ivy with water bubbles ,tried itch x,bendryl cream,calamine with praxamine,asked my dr for script for kenlog cream&got .5%,my skin is torched&hurts to touch&winkled&red bumps are on whole crotch&wrapping around back of legs,i dont want to get shots again, we are flying on vaction in dec&i get very dizzy from shots &afraid i may have a bad spell on air plane,shots increased my backpain 10 x,i have bulging&herniations all through spine&disc degeneration&spinal stenosis,my skin on crotch looks like a 90 year old. i dont want to take prednisone,the weight gain of 40 1bs is too much. please help

  27. Lorrie

    I gave my dog liquid flea control and within four to five days she had a UTI. Previously this had happened and I gave her nux vomica and it worked well. This time it did not. So I tried a mercury based remedy…it got worse. I then read up on some stuff and noticed my dog in the morning was off balanceand afraid to come down the stairs …I then went to my home opath and tired picric acid….. instructions seems To say give a dose every two hours..I gave one dose at end of day…next day she seemed a bit better, gave another dose and now she is very uncomfortable and peeing every five steps…no urine though. What should I do, she is very uncomfortable and it is nearly time to go to bed.

  28. Kim's


    I was prescribed arcenium 30c a month ago for panic attacks which worked for the most part. Those attacks came back a few days ago, but I was prescribed arcenium album 200c diluted in water for a recent stomach bug which proceeded to acid and burning pain. I took 6 teaspoons over the course of two days. It’s almost like I have gotten the stomach flu again, severe diareah and violent urges to vomit. I stopped this remedy three days ago, the diareah subsided however the severe nausea is still there. Is this an aggravating period? Why would it last so long? My homeopathic said he is not sure if this was the right remedy but wait a week to see if I turn back to normal. Not sure if this is an aggravation or did I just get another stomach flu after three weeks? The burning sensation has gone.

  29. chris

    Hi Amy. I was prescribed lycopodium for joint pain and tingling 30c twice weekly and it caused my symptoms in feet to get worse with no improvement 3 weeks after stopping. Homeopath said to start taking it again anyway was fine for 5 weeks until big flair up in arms. Does not feel good and I am concerned. Homeopath isn’t answering emails. Can I take menthol sweets to antidote this bad effect it is too much for me. Thanks. Chris.


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