Amy Lansky
Published: 07/06/2020

My teacher Gary Sherman often tells his students to “get current.” He means that, periodically, we all need to take stock of our lives and readjust to what is. That might mean looking through your clothes closet and donating items that you haven’t worn in years. It might mean looking at the design of your home or daily routine, getting out of whatever rut you’re in, and readjusting these things to your current needs and wants.

Right about now, it’s time for each of us to get current. I stopped looking at the “COVID curves” weeks ago. Why let them affect my mood each day, whether positively or negatively? What good does it do? Why waste time lamenting a lost job or something that was cancelled? Or constantly worrying about some hoped for event or feared scenario that may or may not take place? (As a worrier, that’s my own tendency). In the end, you’ll cross the bridges ahead when you come to them. Get current.

The Sedona Method teacher Hale Dwoskin often begins his release meditations with the phrase “Can you just be what you are?” or “Just for now, can you welcome what is?” I find that when I focus on these words, an inner sense of calm overtakes me. I just am. It’s also a great state of mind to be in when it’s time to get current.

The whole world seems to be busy getting current right now. The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of more police killings of black and brown people has given all of us a dose of what is. Of course, this has long been what was too. The same goes for the Me Too movement. It’s time to stop ignoring these societal patterns and get current. Let’s finally make real changes.

Ever since the beginning of June, I sense the tide is turning. The question is, will we return to our old habits and comfort zones, or shake ourselves awake and get current? As individuals and communities, we need to take these steps:

1) Let go of the past (and engage in whatever grieving process is necessary to do so);

2) Take stock of what is;

3) Decide what you really want and need now, given what is; and

4) Move forward to make that happen.

And don’t forget, when you engage in this process, active consciousness can help you along the way!

Let’s use this unusual time as an opportunity to create lives that truly serve us better. Your vision and intention really do play an important part.

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