Get the New Year Off to a Good Start With Some Homeopathic Inspirations!

Amy Lansky
Published: 01/11/2014

eye1. Probably my favorite homeopathic video for 2013 has to be an amazing re-imagining of “American Pie” with lyrics and images recalling the wondrous history of homeopathy. Entitiled Homeo Pie, it was put together by Robert Cassard and homeopath Bara Waters and can be found on Bara Waters’ site. It’s long (as is American Pie, of course!), but stick with it. I guarantee you will be bopping and inspired by the end!

2. On a more somber but also inspirational note is Gary Null’s latest movie about the dangers of vaccination, Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines. This is totally worth a viewing. One of the researchers featured in it is a friend of mine and supporter of the homeopathic approach, immunology researcher Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych.

Lots of wonderful work is being done in Africa with homeopathy. I personally have three favorite projects that I support with my charitable dollars.

3. First is the clinic being run by famed homeopathic teacher, Jeremy Sherr, and his wife Camilla in Tanzania. Most of their clients are HIV/AIDS patients and they have done wonders helping them with classical homeopathy. Check out their video newsletter and see some short but mind-blowing cases.

4. Another important homeopathic outpost in Africa is the work of Peter Chappell and Harry Van der Zee at the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) with AIDS/HIV patients. Peter’s mysteriously effective and easy to use PC remedies have brought miraculous healing to many. ARHF also has made available (for free!) a download on trauma treatment.

5. Finally, I also support of the work of my friend Adjoa Margaret Stack in her yearly malaria clinics in Ghana.

6. This one is rather cool. Some celebrity fans of homeopathy in the UK have gotten tattoos of their favorite homeopathic remedy sources!

7. Also on the celebrity front, we have our intrepid homeopathic writer Dana Ullman always bringing us surprising news about famous folk who love homeopathy. This year I enjoyed his articles about the reclusive J.D. Salinger and President Abraham Lincoln.

8. Homeopathy makes it to Time Square on December 30, 2013.


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    Great article. The tattoo thing is kind of awesome.

  2. Prizee Hack

    Stunning story there. What occurred after?


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