Health Tips 2015 — or, What I Learned in 2014

Amy Lansky
Published: 01/21/2015

Amy-facebookIt’s hard to believe, but I’m  now embarking upon my 6th year of writing the Impossible Cure Newsletter. Happy New Year!

Since most of us begin the year with a few health-oriented resolutions, I thought I’d provide you with some inspiration — two of my personal health discoveries in 2014.

The first is simple.  For many years I’ve been thinking about learning more about juicing.  Early in 2014 I bought a “Magic Bullet” — a little personal-sized blender — but it just didn’t work for me.  The thick sludge it made from veges just wasn’t appealing or palatable to me.

Then, over the summer, my husband Steve and I watched an amazing and entertaining online movie that I recommend to all of you:  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Wow. Even though Steve and I aren’t overweight nor sick, this movie inspired us to juice.  We bought a masticating juicer this fall and haven’t looked back.  In fact, Steve is our juice-maker!  He loves playing with this new toy.  We now try to have a “juice meal”, or at least a big glass of juice as the primary component of our meal, every other day. I have consistently seen that, within 1-2 days, I experience an amazing cleansing of my colon.  It’s as if it completely and thoroughly empties.  We’ve both been feeling strong and invigorated.  The intense shot of organic kale, carrots, carrot tops, wheat grass, ginger, apples, and other veges and fruits is like an amazing tonic.  Try it out!

Next, and even more profound, is the amazing healing power of your own Self.  Of course, this is, in many ways, what homeopathy is all about — triggering the innate healing powers of your own vital force. As I have written about in several past articles, both in the Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness newsletters (many of these articles can also be found on, a very important component of our complete Self is what Hawaiian shamans call the Basic Self or unihipili.  This part of our being includes our vital force — the energy body that controls our physical body — but it also includes our emotions, our subconscious,  our psychic abilities,  and our link to our  Higher or Inner Self (aumakua). Our Basic Self is, in general, subservient to our rational thinking mind (uhane), but it is always there, with its own feelings, attitudes, and needs.

My  big discovery in 2014 — one that I already intellectually knew, but finally put into practice — is the importance of maintaining contact with the Basic Self in alleviating almost every form of disease or dysfunction. If you get a cold, a headache, a flu, a serious disease, sprain your ankle or wrench your back, have heart arrythmias, high blood pressure — really anything, the first thing you should do is check in with your Basic Self.  Talk to it.  Out loud. You might even give it a name that is meaningful to you.  Say, “Basic Self, what is bugging you?”   Then, listen.

I recommend doing the following.  Get a notebook and entitle it: “Conversations with X” where X is your name for your Basic Self — it could just be “My Basic Self”. Anytime any physical thing comes up, or really at any time of upset, make an entry entitled:  “Date.  Things that are bugging (or bothering) me.”  Then write down every single thing you can think of, from profound to little minutiae. Focus especially on what is angering or annoying you, including anger at yourself. It is then helpful to read this list out loud and acknowledge to your Basic Self that you understand how it feels and respect its feelings. Hawaiian wisdom teaches us that the Basic Self is very impressed by physical actions like writing, speaking, and physical rituals.  It will be less effective to simply “think” to your Basic Self.  Remember that, in many ways, it is like a child that needs your love and support.  So many things that happen to us are really the Basic Self trying to be noticed in one of the only ways it knows how — through your physical body.

I know this may sound like a stretch to many of you.  But give it a try and see what happens.

Indeed, homeopathic remedies are actually working in much the same way.  The homeopathic interview is definitely a way of noticing and voicing the true feelings and sensations of the Basic Self.  The remedy is then  a form of energetic acknowledgement and support that enables the vital force, an important component of the Basic Self, to do its job and heal.  But a lot can also be accomplished by simply writing everything down, speaking out loud to the Basic Self, and asking for its help.  Try it!

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