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Amy Lansky
Published: 07/06/2020

(This is from my May 2020 Impossible Cure Newsletter).

At this point, most of us are probably used to the “new reality” but are still coping with ups and downs. Who to trust? What to believe? How scared should we be? What level of protection do we have to engage in? Does anyone really know what they’re doing?

I’m in the same boat as the rest of you. I have good weeks and bad weeks. Hopeful and happy times as well as sad, disappointed, and scared times. Personally, I’m now more frightened of what society will do and become as a result of this experience than of COVID itself. But I also try to remember that fear just “brings it near” and positive intentions and beliefs are paramount! I’ve also learned to shield myself as much as possible from the media hype and fearmongering. I no longer look at the “curves,” because I find that looking at them doesn’t really help anyone and only makes me feel worse. Beside, I have no choice but to follow my county’s rulings anyway.

I do know that nearly everyone has found their own comfort level — what they need to do in order to feel safe. I quickly learned that it was important for me to try to respect what each person thinks they need, because their belief system affects their immunity. Thus, if you think you need to stay 15 feet away from people to feel safe, you will more likely get sick if you only stay 6 feet away. If you believe you only need to stay 3 feet away from people, then doing so will likely suffice. Same for masks. Did you know that many countries (like Australia) never used them and have done very well?

Of course, there are limits. It’s all a matter of susceptibility. A healthy immune system (bolstered by belief, good eating habits, general health, sleep, etc.) can protect you. But if contagion and exposure is strong enough, anyone can fall ill. It’s all a possibility/probability game. There are no absolutes.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to not only bolster your immune system with physical measures (e.g., try to sleep well, drink plenty of water, take vitamins C, D, and Zinc — I usually take Zinc only if I feel I’ve violated my own comfort level, get some sun, go outside and breathe fresh air and get into nature if you can, exercise, and meditate) but also try to increase your own confidence in yourself and your natural healing abilities. I also find immense comfort in the fact that I have homeopathy if I do get sick. In fact, homeopathy has been successful in keeping COVID-positive people out of the hospital in almost all cases.

Here are some resources to check out that have all improved my overall attitude about my own sense of safety and well-being. Enjoy!

– Italian homeopaths report on their successful treatment of COVID-19. You can read either Dana Ullman’s summary or the original paper.

-There are other cases of homeopathic treatment and discussions about COVID-19 in the May 2020 issue of Hpathy. Signup is free. (By the way, this is an outstanding monthly publication and is well worth signing up for!)

In this article that appeared on, Dana Ullman talks about the subject of immunity, including homeopathy’s past successes in treating epidemics, as well as other effective methods afforded by alternative approaches to health.

– Zach Bush, M.D. puts everything into perspective vis-a-vis our relationship with viruses and life in general in this genius interview with Del Bigtree (start at minute 55).

– For the more esoterically-minded among you, I highly recommend listening to this Youtube created by Logosynthesis doctor Willem Lammers. I have found it useful whenever I’m having a down day and it invariably creates a positive effect in me.

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