Homeopathic Reflections for Year’s End

Amy Lansky
Published: 12/28/2018

Last month I promised to provide a list of studies in this month’s newsletter. However, I decided that this would be a better way to begin 2019 — with new energy and information. December seems like a better time to sit back and reflect a bit.

All of us cannot help noticing that today’s world is facing an increase in polarities — the yin and yang between growing brightness and ominous darkness. Various philosophers and historians tell us that increases in polarity portend that a major shift is coming our way. I talk about this in my book Active Consciousness. Personally, I am excited and quite hopeful about these incoming shifts to our society and the evolving consciousness of humanity.

One of the polarities we are experiencing affects homeopathy. I alluded to this in last month’s newsletter. Crackdowns on access to homeopathy and other alternative health approaches and views are expanding. These attacks are, ultimately, all fueled by Big Pharma, which many people say has grown to be even more powerful than the military industrial complex. The fact that Big Pharma is investing such effort and money into all of these efforts indicates that they are feeling threatened. It means that, at some level, they see the writing on the wall and are getting desperate. This also means that now is not time for us to give up in despair; it’s time to knuckle down and redouble our efforts and enlarge our voices!

Here are some growing signs of darkness and light:

Darkness: The FDA is trying to slowly whittle away our access to homeopathic remedies.

Light: (Excerpted from the National Center for Homeopathy newsletter. The NCH is the largest homeopathic consumer-based organization in the US) — “NCH has experienced tremendous growth over the past year; we’ve seen a 283% increase in new individual members, 90% increase in Organizational membership, 900% increase in lifetime members and new Student memberships. NCH also experienced a 17.9% increase in new followers on social media especially related to advocacy efforts by NCH to create awareness around the draft guidance proposed by the FDA: Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic Guidance for FDA Staff and Industry.”

Darkness: Major outlets of information are beginning to brand alternative medical views as “fake news” and block them. For example, Pinterest, a major social media platform with 250 million users, banned The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and GreenMedInfo for posting natural health information, including research questioning vaccine safety. This is an extremely alarming trend. We already know that Wikipedia is a completely biased and untrustworthy information source on anything pertaining to alternative medicine, from homeopathy to chiropractic. (You can read an article I wrote about this all the way back in 2008.) Please do not support them! Unfortunately, even more important outlets for disseminating information, like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, might become banned to us.

Light: Many alternative organizations have begun to embrace homeopathy more wholeheartedly! Most notable is the Mercola Newsletter. This is the number one alternative health site on the entire web. They printed a review of my book Impossible Cure and an interview with me back in 2003, after my book first came out. This media was critical in making Impossible Cure a number one book about homeopathy worldwide. Nevertheless, Dr. Mercola was not really a big fan of homeopathy at the time. That seems to be changing now. For example, the Mercola Newsletter has recently been featuring articles by Dana Ullman, complete with an hour-long video interview with Dr. Mercola himself!

Let’s face it, the more the crackdowns happen, and the wider their net is cast — way beyond homeopathy — the more allies homeopathy gains. It’s an example of intersectionality. We are all being persecuted so we will all band together. And there is strength in numbers.

In the end, censorship will fail, especially as the conventional medical system continues to collapse around us. Information has a way of getting out. It may only take an epidemic outbreak or the expansion of antibiotic resistance, along with news that these problems are effectively addressed by homeopathy, to turn the tide. In fact, it is exactly these kinds of events that can cause a shift to happen! And it’s even secret sauce of homeopathy. A small dose at just the right time and place does the trick!

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