Homeopathic Success in Treating Cancer, Vaccine Injuries Climbing, and More Signs of a Momentous Year of Change Ahead

Amy Lansky
Published: 02/03/2021

As we enter a new year, I sense that 2021 will be a year of change. Many are hoping that the COVID vaccine will enable our world to get back to the old normal. But I believe it will be a year of surprises and action that takes us into a new reality that none of us could have ever anticipated.

In a recent post, I wrote about the power of uncertainty. When the world becomes utterly unpredictable, we have an increased opportunity to shift things toward the direction we’d like to go. As a result, it is now more important than ever to visualize the desired future that we’d like to see.

2020 was certainly a year of stasis. In spiritual jargon, we were sitting in “the void”, a dark and quiet place where all seemed rather gloomy, unchanging, vague, and uncertain. But the void is also where change and new manifestation incubates. I believe that we will begin to see these shifts occur in 2021 and onward into the next decade.

Things certainly were rather bleak for alternative medicine in general, and for homeopathy in particular, in 2020. It was a year in which homeopathy and every form of natural medicine was actively suppressed by the media, blacklisted by online venues, and the FDA continued to threaten our access to remedies. There was also the specter of looming COVID vaccine mandates. But one maxim of homeopathic philosophy is that attempts to suppress often create blow-back reactions. And there are now glimmers of this happening and a shift arising as a result. Let’s consider some of these.

Dana Ullman has recently reported an article in a major medical journal that confirms the utility of homeopathy in treating lung cancer.

An attempt to push back on a flu vaccine mandate for schools has been successful in Massachusetts.

Very surprisingly to me, California (known for its recently-passed draconian vaccine laws) has announced they will not mandate the COVID vaccine. (Go to the very bottom of this page and see the answer to the question: “Will you make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?”) Of course, it remains to be seen whether this holds and whether employer mandates will be enacted. Hopefully, there will be the opportunity for at least religious exemptions.

The VAERS database (the CDC’s vaccine injury database) used to be updated monthly, but is now being updated weekly. After just five weeks of entered COVID vaccine data, the number of deaths went from 0 to 13 to 66 to 181 to 329. You can find the most current weekly summary here. It is usually updated on Friday. In the meantime, hits on the this particular VAERS data site have gone from 50,000 a day to 320,000 per day. Part of this may be because major news outlets (like Good Morning America) have mentioned the existence of VAERS — something unthinkable before now.

People are certainly becoming more and more aware of the possibility of vaccine injury. A large percentage of medical professionals all over the USA are refusing the vaccine. In Norway, they have realized that the vaccine is killing or injuring very frail seniors and they are considering whether or not to administer the vaccine to this population. While much of this news is rather gruesome, it certainly portends a shift in consciousness about the inherent safety and effectiveness of vaccination in general. Much remains to be seen over the next few months.

My hope and vision? For whatever reason, the world decided to put all its COVID eggs into the vaccine basket in 2020. If this option fails or proves insufficient (and truthfully, I hope this will not be the case), we will have no other choice but to stop suppressing both allopathic and alternative medicine options for treating COVID in 2021. (Sadly, even in India, homeopathic treatment of COVID has been blocked, but a recent court case lifted this blockage.) All of this could mean a resurgence of homeopathy! After all, we have many COVID-treatment successes under our belts and data to prove it. Homeopaths will also have success in treating the vaccine injuries that will surely be increasing.

Let us pledge to rise to this task and let our amazing homeopathy shine for all the world to see. The genie will finally be out of the bottle! The limitations of the allopathic medical system will finally be understood. The high death rates in countries in which obesity, poor diet and food, and environmental toxins are most predominant will become increasingly obvious. The net effect, over time, will lead to a worldwide revolution in health and healing. And so it is!

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