Living in Parallel Universes

Amy Lansky
Published: 06/10/2014

Parallel_Universes_by_Khold01Early in May, my husband Steve and I took a short vacation to Sedona, Arizona — an amazingly beautiful place surrounded by otherworldly and spiritually inspiring rock formations. (Luckily, we were there before a forest fire hit nearby only a week or two later.)

On our first morning in Sedona, we arrived late to the breakfast buffet supplied by the hotel. There was only one other table occupied, by a woman and her two female relatives. As I tried to eat, the room was filled with the voice of this woman complaining loudly and unrelentingly about her son’s severe allergies. Her words were filled with anger and disgust. Initially I felt sympathetic toward her, but after several minutes of her tirade, I felt bombarded and invaded by her negative energy. Her relatives sat there mute and blank, as if they were accustomed to her unending stream of negativity. After fifteen minutes or so, I hastily finished eating and told Steve that I simply had to leave the room. I could no longer bear being in this woman’s presence.

This experience underscored something for me that I have thought and written about, but had never quite experienced so vividly before: that each one of us, and likely every living creature, lives in a parallel universe of our own making. Simply put, we create our own heaven and hell. And it’s up to us to change it or perpetuate it.

After recovering from my unpleasant breakfast, I could only feel compassion for this woman and the living hell she was living in. Her entire energy field was so completely filled with negativity that it spilled out all around her. I can’t even imagine how it affected her body. And who knows what role it played in her son’s allergies?

In a past Active Consciousness newsletter article entitled “Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Glimpses of the Unseen World”, I spoke about the many parallel universes that surround us that are largely unseen — the worlds of insects, animals, nature spirits, and more. In addition to these, of course, are the parallel universes that each one of us lives within. I believe that these universes are not figurative. They touch us and affect our minds and bodies and the environment. They are connected to and interact with one another. We bump up against them when we experience the positive or negative “vibes” we encounter each day. We help to create these vibrational fields that determine how our universe unfolds, and we can change them if we want to. That’s really what my book Active Consciousness is all about!

In Chapter 25 of Active Consciousness, I describe how my experience as a homeopath taught me that each one of us lives in an entirely different world filled with our own unique “stories”. Listening to the life stories of my patients and learning about their views of reality showed me that, not only were we each experiencing our own unique lens on the world, but that these views helped to perpetuate these filters on our experience.

It’s also important to realize that these entrenched filters and stories play a role in creating disease. Indeed, one of the miracles of homeopathy is that it can help us to break free from negative stories that create illness. By matching our own unique field of vibration with the field of vibration of a similar or “homeopathic” remedy, homeopathy can enable a patient to become “unstuck” from their own personal hell. Indeed, a good healing process frequently helps a patient become more aware of their creation and the erroneous beliefs they carry around with them.

Triggering this same kind of shift in awareness is also a goal of traditional Hawaiian Kahuna healers. They believe that as long as a patient’s Lower Self (Unihipili) and/or Middle Self (Uhane) are fixated in beliefs that block healing in some way — even if a patient is totally unconscious of these beliefs, healing by the Higher Self is obstructed.

One of my earliest Active Consciousness newsletters (March 2012) spoke about the phenomenon of our self-created hells on Earth. In an article entitled “Difficult People,” I stressed that it was important to use meditation skills in order to not be affected by other people’s negativity and to, instead, view them with compassion.

Even more importantly, however, we must work to clear our own negativity. Feelings of anger are considered especially problematic for healing. We can accomplish this with the aid of medicines like homeopathy and the help of energy healers, through awareness exercises like the meditations suggested in Active Consciousness, and through honest and deep self-examination and compassion for ourselves. It is well worth it! The life you create and experience is very largely up to you.

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