New Mainstream Arnica Research and Flu Epidemic Updates

Amy Lansky
Published: 02/11/2020

New Arnica Research

I vividly remember attending a party many years ago at which a well-known New York plastic surgeon confided to me that he used Arnica with his patients. Our intrepid Dana Ullman has now let us know about new and positive mainstream research (by allopaths and published in the November 2019 issue of The Annals of Plastic Surgery — a prominent mainstream medical journal) that proves something we all know very well: how important and effective homeopathic Arnica is in cases of surgery.

As Dana writes: “Two surgeons from the immensely respected Cleveland Clinic recently published a review of research testing homeopathic Arnica in modern surgery. The researchers reviewed 21 studies (!) testing Arnica and found it impressively helpful. Further, they published this study in a respected surgery journal.” THIS LINK will take you to the abstract of the study. More detailed information is provided in Dana’s dynamically-growing ebook, Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine.

What remedies for this year’s flu?

I truly value the research Paul Herscu, ND, DHANP does each year tracking epidemics and the remedies he has found effective for them. One of the key remedies he has found for this year’s flu and/or severe cold is another important homeopathic standby: Gelsemium. Here are links to his two updates for this year’s flu: Update 1 and Update 2. In both he cautions that the use of Gelsemium should be given a bit of time to work and not to switch remedies too hastily.

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