Does Diet Matter in Autism Treatment?

Hi Amy.

My son was diagnosed with autism 2 months back. He is 3.8 years old. Following your advice we started homeopathy treatment for him and have also started reading Impossible Cure. The first thing we did was remove milk which had casein, along with gluten. We started soya milk as a replacement to milk. However we found later that even soya milk is not good in these cases so we stopped it. We did all this without doing any allergy test. Someone told us about the A2 type protein milk found in some cows which has a HUMP that can be given to autistic kids, so we started taking that. We are seeing a repeat in the behaviour of hitting randomly returning back after reintroducing the milk. However due to OT, speech therapy and even homeopathy he is speaking a few words.

Due to the hitting behaviour returning back we were advised by our occupational therapist to get gluten test, soya test and casein test done and then eliminate it from his diet. We have got the test done today and waiting for results after 3 days.

I wanted to ask you whether you had got Max’s gluten test, casein test, soya test done before removing it from his diet? I believe you were giving him goat milk once in a while. What other steps we can take as we feel the aggression is coming back?

When we told this to our homeopathy doc he told us that there was no use of removing gluten and casein. We removed these from his diet in spite of his stating that it was not required. Please advise.


September 28, 2018


Since the aggression came back after reintroducing milk, I would stop the milk!  I’ve never heard of about cows with a hump vs. without a hump.

I disagree that eliminating foods is irrelevant.  It is certainly important and depends on the child.  However, as I say on my site, I recommend eliminating one thing at a time for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference.  If you eliminate all at once, you don’t know what is doing what or if any particular thing makes a difference.

No, we never did any allergy testing with my son Max.  This was 24 years ago — none of this information was available back then.  I just read about milk being a possible problem and so we tried it and it helped.  We also ended up avoiding corn and food colorings. We did not avoid gluten with Max (though interestingly, my other son, Izaak, now cannot tolerate gluten. This became a problem when he was around 20. He is now 30). Max (now age 27, no autism at all!) is fine with gluten, but has developed lactose intolerance at around age 20, as did I myself.

Truthfully, I am not an expert on food elimination.  However, there is a LOT of information out there now on the internet.  Just experiment.

Please note:  if a child is very addicted to a particular food or really craves it, that is often the offending food!

Hope this helps!

Amy Lansky

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