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Amy Lansky
Published: 03/13/2012

Welcome to my new creative outlet!

Many of you visiting this blog may be fans of one or both of my two books and their accompanying newsletters —

Obviously, I write a lot about homeopathy and consciousness!

But I felt the need for another place to funnel my ideas, writing, art, music, and other forms of creativity.  This is that place.

Sometimes I may write about things pertaining to homeopathy and/or consciousness that just don’t fit within the scope of my more “educational” newsletters for the general public.  Sometimes I may write about politics or social issues or art or culture or religion.  Sometimes I may want to show you my latest artistic or crafty creation, play or sing you a song, or share a new recipe.  And I want to be able to do it without being tied to a monthly schedule or to restrictions about what may or may not be suitable or acceptable to all of my readers.

So for those of you who may not agree with or appreciate all of my creations, know that just because some of them don’t feel “right” to you, others may still be valuable!

For me, life is all about creativity.  I feel most alive when I am creating or discovering something — small or big. And when I go to bed at night, I feel the happiest when I know I have created or learned something totally new that day.

So take some posts or leave them, I hope you at least find the AmyLansky blog interesting and fun. Welcome!

Love, Amy

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  1. Wanda Monasco

    Astonishing. It sounds like an entry in my own journal.
    I have both of your books; have read Active Consciousness 3 times, each time more slowly than the last. The flow of energy from my hands is visible and sometimes with a pink tint but I have yet to enjoy seeing it against a blue sky (this is Oregon’s rainy season). In the house, against a background of black or dark green, the flow from fingertips lands on the target as a sort of spot light and is better seen if it is directed into an area of shadow. I have always felt the energy and now it is wonderful to actually see it. Thank you for your clear and candid style of communication.

  2. Debra Lockwood

    I would like
    your advice. My two very handsome teenage boys have been doing homeopathy since August of 2013. Here we are in April 2014 and I feel their autism, considered severe by the lay person, has only midly improved. What I find unresting is that both of them are on the same snake remedy as myself. I have heard of this methodology before. I am the younger parent

    iininteresting is both


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