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Hi Amy. I have a dog diagnosed with severe erythema multiforme (a skin condition). She is elderly now and has always suffered from severe summer allergies. In June of last year, she received a three year rabies shot and within a week the excessive, thick, odorous drooling began. She began to have great difficulty eating. It took months to get a diagnosis. Now her face and legs are turning black. I gave her Apis 200c and her fur began falling out leaving bright pink skin underneath which I now must coat in sunscreen or she can’t go out. It’s like a burn. She is tired and sleeps a lot but she still has a good appetite. She doesn’t drink enough water and in spite of me feeding her three times a day, she is loosing weight. Hope you can help.



Hi Michele.

You really need to work with a good homeopathic vet. Please visit the site of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.  Most will work with you over the phone if you cannot find someone nearby. Homeopathic vets have expert knowledge of how to deal with problems like these.  It is very likely that Apis was not the correct remedy for your dog, but perhaps the fur falling out is actually a healing reaction and new fur will grow in the new skin.

In any case, your question points out a very important point: the dangers of over-vaccination in animals.  The yearly vaccines given to pets are completely unnecessary and simply ploys for you to come in for a visit. Repeated rabies vaccines have led to low-grade rabies and violence in many animals. The foremost teacher of veterinary homeopathy (who formerly worked in veterinary immunology), Richard Pitcairn, has written at length about this subject, which I also discussed in a past newsletter.

Unfortunately, in our pets we are seeing the results, in compressed form, of multiple generations of over-vaccination: an increase in chronic diseases and cancer in younger and younger animals.  We will see similar results in humans over time.

An older pet should not be vaccinated. Your dog already had a tendency toward allergies, which has now deepened into new chronic problems.  However, I have a feeling that with expert care, your dog can do much better.  One of the things that homeopathic vets do is put dogs and cats on a diet of raw food.  We did this with my previous dog when she was 10, her health problems abated, and she lived to be 17 and died simply of old age.

I hope this helps!


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  1. Michelel Moen

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Annie is getting a bit better. There is less drooling and the odor is gone. I will take your advice and try and find a professional.


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