Homeopathy for Bells Palsy? … and Similar Questions


Is there a homeopathic remedy for Bell’s Palsy?  I am looking for something asap.  Thank you.  -Shirley



I get questions like this one quite frequently.  Of course, there are homeopathic remedies associated with almost any problem. All you need to do is type into Google:  “homeopathy <problem>” and you will find ideas.  For example, for Bell’s Palsy, I found this one — 10 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy.

But my purpose in writing this article is to point out something much more important: Except for obvious transient acute ailments (like the flu), most problems are best treated holistically by a homeopath, not by yourself.  Yes, there might be a remedy that could match your particular expression of Bell’s Palsy, and yes, you could get lucky and pick the right remedy in the right potency, and yes, you might learn enough about homeopathy so that you choose the right potency and dosing method and you don’t overdose yourself.

But the deeper and more pertinent question is — why do you have Bell’s Palsy?  The true solution to your problem will be to treat your whole self, which will include the underlying  problem that caused your Bell’s Palsy.  In other words, treatment under the guidance  of a certified homeopath is your best option. Reading my book Impossible Cure will  help you better understand this point. And on the Impossible Cure website, you will also find pointers to homeopathic referrals.

I hope this is helpful!




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