Amy Lansky
Published: 02/11/2020

(NOTE: It’s still not too late to take action!)

The time is now folks. After all our efforts to keep the FDA at bay, they seem to be doing an end-around at year’s end to remove access to pretty much all remedies in the USA. Some even think these efforts may block ordering from outside the USA too. So if you want to continue to have access to homeopathic remedies, the time to act is now!

Click on this link and follow the instructions to add your comments to the FDA. The deadline is in January. But do it now so you don’t forget in the holiday rush!

For your convenience, you may use the following statement, courtesy of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. The goal now is to at least give the homeopathic community time to respond.

1. I request that the FDA grant a 180-day extension to the Notice-and-Comment Period for this Draft Guidance.

2. I am grateful to the FDA for responding to the concerns of the homeopathy community by issuing a revised Draft Guidance.

3. I request that the FDA revise the Draft Guidance to reflect the following:

• Homeopathic medicines are nontoxic and inherently safe when properly manufactured and labeled.

• Homeopathic medicines are not “new drugs.”

• The agency’s risk-based approach will be applied to the FDA’s own enforcement process by examining the relative risk of each category of products it regulates. This would almost certainly put homeopathic medicines at the bottom of the list because they are nontoxic and inherently safe.

4. The Draft Guidance threatens all of homeopathy.

• It allows the FDA to withdraw across all manufacturers any nontoxic, inherently safe single homeopathic ingredient both in single-ingredient medicines and all combination products containing a particular homeopathic ingredient even when in products that are properly manufactured and labeled.

• A review of public FDA records by Americans for Homeopathy Choice did not find a single instance of a safety concern involving properly manufactured and labeled homeopathic medicines.

• All problems cited by the FDA involved improperly manufactured and/or labeled products.

• I am concerned that the FDA intends to remove nontoxic, inherently safe homeopathic medicines mentioned in its public statements such as Belladonna, Nux vomica and Lachesis muta even when they are properly manufactured and labeled.

• The FDA’s claim that homeopathic medicines are “new drugs” is misguided and legally incorrect.

• The 1962 amendments to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act were designed to deal with inherently dangerous substances.

• The process for New Drug Applications was created to determine whether the benefits of a proposed inherently dangerous substance used as a drug outweigh the risks.

• Since properly manufactured and labeled homeopathic medicines are nontoxic and inherently safe, there is no need to weigh risks against benefits.

• The New Drug Application simply doesn’t apply to single homeopathic ingredient medicines in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States and its supplements. Those medicines have already been tested for safety and effectiveness and undergone rigorous toxicological review.

5. The Draft Guide increases risks to consumers.

• If consumers are denied access to nontoxic, inherently safe homeopathic medicine applicable to their condition, they will seek out higher-risk alternatives including pharmaceuticals which can have dangerous and even fatal side-effects.

• Nontoxic, inherently safe homeopathic medicines may no longer be available to consumers to help address infections without creating antibiotic resistance or to treat pain without risking opioid dependence and death.

• The FDA’s risk-based approach as currently conceived would increase risk to consumers overall by disproportionately focusing the agency’s enforcement resources on nontoxic, inherently safe homeopathic medicines.

Folks, even though you may know all about the growing hegemony of Big Pharma, it may seem hard to comprehend why they find homeopathy so threatening that they’re willing to spend gobs of money on all of the disinformation and political campaigns we’re experiencing. Indeed, threatened access to vitamins and herbal products may not be far behind. But my guess is that non-homeopathic products are far less threatening to the pharmaceutical industry, even though they are far more popular. And here’s why.

I believe that the truth about potentization and its ability to preserve (and make less toxic) the healing potential of any substance — even an allopathic drug — is the real reason. I wrote an article about this 10 years ago that appeared on Mercola.com. If this information gets out and becomes accepted, Big Pharma will no longer be able to exist. Imagine potentizing a blockbuster drug and making it essentially free to everyone on the planet! Given research by Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier and the growing experience of several other researchers, it is very likely that potentized drug signals can be “digitized,” sent over the internet, and impregnated into water. Imagine downloading your drug of choice over the internet and creating a water dilution of it in the comfort of your own home. No wonder Big Pharma would do anything to suppress the truth about potentization.

In the meantime, we must do what we can to protect our remedies at all costs. Don’t wait — write your message to the FDA today. We’re on a short timeline folks!

When I wrote Impossible Cure — hard to believe that it first came out 17 years ago! — I devoted the final chapter (Chapter 10) to the legality of homeopathic practice and homeopathic remedies, knowing that both were essential to the health of homeopathy. But I never imagined that the FDA would become our biggest adversary. After all, the legislation that created the FDA in 1938 was written by a homeopath — Senator Royal Copeland, MD. And he wrote it specifically so that the homeopathic pharmacopeia would be protected. Dr. Copeland must be turning over in his grave right now. Let’s hope he is also pulling strings somewhere in heaven to block the FDA’s current efforts!

As the holidays approach, send out your prayers and positive intentions and visions of the continued health of Homeopathy and our access to its life-saving and miraculous remedies!

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