Anxiety About Health

Amy Lansky
Published: 10/07/2014

fearEbola. Mystery enteroviruses and paralyses. Violence and war. The world seems to be full of fear these days. Especially fear of contagion or invasion of some kind.

My first message to you is: breathe. Settle into your body. Unless you are living in West Africa, Syria, Iraq, or Ukraine, you are probably safe. No matter what the media tells you, the world and your government is not about to suddenly collapse. What is true in this moment? What is the reality of your life? Are your fears actually delusions, pumped up by the media and people around you?

Did you know that your fears and anxieties only increase the chance that you will become susceptible to disease? And that you can probably gain a large amount of protection of your physical and emotional well-being by meditating for ten or fifteen minutes every day? (If you’re interested, why not read my second book, Active Consciousness? It will teach you how to meditate and much more!)

And let’s not forget a key lesson of homeopathy — that health and disease is really about susceptibility. You can boost your resistance to disease and decrease your susceptibility by improving your mental state and engaging in simple common-sense practices: good hygiene, eating a balanced diet focused more on whole fruit and vegetables, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, and taking daily doses of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. Even if you do fall ill, you will recover faster if you don’t suppress your symptoms with over-the-counter pills, but rather, stay home and rest.

Finally, if you do become seriously sick, remember that you have an ace in the hole that most others do not: you have homeopathy. What a gift! You are not completely dependent on the allopathic medical machine. They are there if you need them, but you have other options — options that can be even more powerful than conventional medicine. That’s why it’s always a good idea to engage the services of an experienced classical homeopath who knows you and your case well, just as it is good practice to have a family physician handy if you really need one. My whole family sees our homeopath at least once a year and more if we need her. That’s a big comfort to us and helps decrease our fears and anxieties about health. In fact, there are dozens of remedies than can address such fears and anxieties directly if they are a chronic problem for you.

Is it time for your regular check up with your homeopath? Set one up!

Don’t have a homeopath? Visit the referrals page to find one.

Do it today!

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