Homeopathy — A Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight

Amy Lansky
Published: 12/11/2013

butterflyBeing a lover and advocate of homeopathy can sometimes be a frustrating occupation. You speak passionately and cajole, provide scientific proof and personal testimonial evidence. “Look! Look! This medicine possesses a miraculous power of healing! You need not suffer!” You write articles that show how even scientific studies prove that homeopathic remedies could drastically reduce the need for antibiotics for farm animals, save whole populations from virulent epidemics, or slash the health care costs that are destroying our nation. But even those who you think might listen will instead, with a polite grimace, say they “can’t go there.” Too controversial. Or too “out there.”

Much like the guru who tells all who care to listen, “Take off your blinders, joy is there for you each day, happiness can be achieved each moment,” you find that you are largely ignored. Even friends and family simply smile politely and implicitly say, “That’s nice you are so interested in that, but I’m not really believing what you say.”

There are a variety of sayings in homeopathic circles that summarize this conundrum. “You have to come to Homeopathy” or “Homeopathy is for those who deserve it.” But the fact is, Homeopathy truly is for everyone and can work for anyone, even your dog, cat, or houseplant. It’s just that most people are blind to it. People hear you but do not listen. They look but they do not see. Homeopathy is a treasure hidden in plain sight.

“Grokking” homeopathy is a lot like looking at the world through a slightly different lens. Just a twist of the focusing knob, just a slight turn of the head brings a whole new world into view. When you finally experience the healing powers of a remedy and in a striking way, and you really take it in, not pass it off, you can never see things in quite the same way again. It’s like realizing that you were once blind to a whole aspect of reality that is now so perfectly obvious.

Sure, the practice of Homeopathy is hard. The remedy jewels are everywhere, but it’s sometimes (but not always!) hard to pick just the right one and apply it in just the right way. The body is also mysterious and its path of healing is often unpredictable. The environment we live in and the things we do each day additionally make the healing process even more complicated. But the fact is, Homeopathy is there for us. As I always like to say, “There’s hope with homeopathy.”

At this time of year, as the days grow shorter and we fold within ourselves, it’s important to give thanks for the jewel of Homeopathy that is hidden in plain sight. Yes, do share it with others. Perhaps let them know about Impossible Cure, which has succeeded in opening many people’s eyes. But it is also worthwhile to simply give thanks. And do support homeopathic efforts and organizations when you can.

As I have written before, in the December 2011 newsletter, Homeopathy is perhaps the most true spiritual medicine. It distills the essence of a substance in nature and gently connects it with our own essence. Like the slightest touch of a fairy’s wings or of a magic wand, the right remedy enables us to be suddenly freed and transformed. Sometimes we need frequent touches to be led along a path of discovery and recovery. But the fact is, it is there for us. We just need to see it, hear it, and feel it.

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  1. Madeleine Innocent

    What an exellent article! It is indeed curious how people just cannot see. I believe the shift in consciousness is too much for them. Even when facing death, this is preferred to changing the way they think. Humanity is a very curious species!

  2. VICKI

    Yes, humanity is at a fork in the road. It doesn’t look good, but there are people like Amy who care and aren’t part of the GREED SEED that most Americans have eaten sometime in the past 30 years or so. We hold humanity in the light and love that is powerful enough to change things that seem impossible to change.

    Some damn DC court beat down Net Neutrality this morning. There will be a battle, and without Aaron Schwartz. Sad. Things like that and things like Monsanto, the Koch Brothers… we have to fight the battle and become warriors on the path to change. Armed with the light, wisdom and power of mediation, we can do that. We can also do everything we can to educate people about vaccines and fight the powerful Big Pharma and the oil interests, but we cannot do it with our ordinary egos.

    In a few months (when I have the $$), I will begin to build a site for pet owners and homeopaths. While vaccines are causing autism in children, they and the billion dollar pet food industry are destroying the health of our pets. My vision is a site where I can unite the raw feeding newbies and homeopaths who work with pets to create a movement away from traditional veterinary care. I’m not saying a dog never needs a vet. Sometimes they do, but homeopathy can cure vaccinosis in a dog. One of the vets I asked about vaccinosis told me, “Yes, vaccinosis is real, but you won’t like the way we deal with it.” I asked him to tell me the protocol. He said, “Ninety nine days of antibiotics!” I almost fainted and continued on with the homeopathic care.

    If you think this is not a big deal, read this:


    When the AVMA teams up with Big Pharma to bring back those of us who know about vaccines, who understand the deadly effect of Hills/Purina products, you know they are feeling our rejection. During the 2012 fight with the AVMA against raw feeding I was a Twitter warrior! All their paid Tweet writer could say was, “We’re not worried about the health hazards of raw food to the pets, we’re concerned about the danger to the humans in the household!” That was the only thing he/she could say where I asked for evidence-based data. So they’re saying (I guess) that they have evidence that the family members who touch raw meat to feed their dogs might/could/may get salmonella??? I guess you get my point.

    Anyway, onward and with powerful energetic support, let’s go!



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