Homeopathy and Cancer

Amy Lansky
Published: 04/06/2013

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Homeopaths in the United States don’t often treat cancer patients, but homeopathy definitely has a role to play in cancer treatment. First of all, homeopathic remedies can be enormously helpful for alleviating the side effects of conventional cancer treatment, such as nausea and weakness. But homeopathy also has the potential to treat cancer itself.

Unfortunately, medical practice laws in the United States are designed to funnel cancer patients into allopathic cancer treatment. That means surgery, chemo, and radiation. Even MDs who want to develop or use alternative methods face severe penalties and threats if they venture off this beaten track. That is why so many people have to travel to Mexico or Europe to seek such treatment. The power of the American cancer industry is mighty indeed.

One need only learn about the experiences of Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski to understand this. Dr. Burzinski developed antineoplastons as a method of treatment for cancer that mimics the natural mechanisms of the human immune system. In contrast, chemo and radiation actually seriously damage a patient’s immune system along with the cancer. The success of antineoplastons has been remarkable, and in return, Dr. Burzinski has faced harassment and threats of imprisonment for years. He has recently won his battles with the government and is now allowed to treat patients at his clinic in Houston as part of his research activities. You can learn all about Dr. Burzinski via Mercola.com, including a full length movie about his stoy..

Given the experiences of conventional doctors who try to treat cancer in alternative ways, it is not surprising that most homeopaths in the United States prefer not to tackle cancer treatment in their practices. However, in India, where there is no legal coercion to use conventional treatment and where many people have no financial means to attempt conventional treatment anyway, homeopathic cancer treatment is very popular and often very successful.

As I have written before, India is really the center of gravity of the homeopathic world today, with an entire medical system devoted to it — medical schools and hospitals. There are many leading homeopathic doctors there known for their cancer treatment (as well as their treatment of other severe pathological diseases). They include such luminaries as:

These doctors have developed specific protocols and knowledge of specific remedies for targeting a wide variety of cancers. Naturally, there have also been many studies in India about the use of homeopathic remedies to treat cancer. Here are a few below. To view many more research studies on homeopathy, visit the excellent site, www.audesapere.in.

Two recent studies on the use of Psorinum as a cancer remedy:

On the effect of remedies on cancer cells in vitro:

Taking a lead from these kinds of results, there has even been a study of the use of homeopathic remedies for cancer at a leading American university. Moshe Frenkel, MD led a team of scientists at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center that studied the use of specific remedies used by Dr. Banerji for treating breast cancer — Carcinosin, Phytolacca, Conium and Thuja. Their in vitro studies showed that these remedies caused cell death (“apoptosis”) in breast cancer cell lines in the laboratory — and even better, did not kill normal cells! You can read all about Dr. Frenkel’s study in the February 2010 issue of the International Journal of Oncology (click on the link under “Publications” entitled “Effect of homeopathic remedies on breast cancer cells”).

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