Listen to Amy speak about Homeopathy and Vaccination

Amy Lansky
Published: 10/08/2015

conference_collage2I don’t know why it took me 6 years to put this up online, but I finally did!

Below is a link to an mp3 of me speaking in 2009 at the National Vaccine Information Center’s 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination.  I discuss:

  • My son Max’s recovery from autism
  • Homeopathy’s ability to treat and prevent the diseases for which vaccines are given
  • Homeopathy’s ability to treat vaccine damage.

Enjoy!    LISTEN NOW

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  1. Dr athishaya mamatha

    Hi dear Amy lansky

    This is dr Mamatha from Bangalore India. Practicing homeopath since 2008. I have recently started a blog for young homeopaths, to inspire and educate. Would like to write your inspiring story with your permission. Also an interview of your’s. Kindly let me know abt the same.

    Wish you a great day.



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