Knowing the Name of a Remedy; Homeoprophylaxis as an Alternative to Vaccination


Dear Amy,

I am a father of a new born baby and a 4 year old girl (healthy and happy). I am serious about not vaccinating my children and want proper homeopathic alternatives. I would like to know if there exists a mapping/homeopathic equivalents for the WHO recommended basic vaccines? I want my children to be safe and do not want modern vaccines to be injected.

I live in India, Bangalore. The problem here is that I have not found a good homeopath who has expertise in this area or who will reveal the name of the remedy used.

I have complete faith in homeopathy but do not want to take to it without knowing what my children are being given. When my first child was 1 year old, she was treated by an Homeopath and the symptoms worsened… Later we had to rush to emergency. Recently we had one more such episode, where the Homeopath, a well-meaning doctor, very much trustworthy and effective, advised us to go to a pediatrician as the medicines did not help in recovery and my child’s temperature kept raising (it was a cough and bronchitis-like respiratory problem). We went to another homeopath through a good reference and now my child recovered, absolutely fine! Hence, I would like to know what remedies are prescribed by a Homeopath. As a parent it is my need and my responsibility.

Kindly help me out. I need to know the remedies that can substitute for vaccines, and I need to know how to get to a good homeopath, even if necessary online or through a video conference, to have my children develop strong immunity. Getting in touch with a homeopath who can reveal what remedies he/she is giving is a challenge here, in Bangalore, India.

Looking forward to your guidance in this regard.



Hi Umashankar.

I agree with you about not knowing the name of a remedy.  I personally would never go to a homeopath that didn’t tell me the name of a remedy I was given.  However, the practice of not revealing the remedy name is quite common in other countries — less so in the USA, because it would generally be considered unethical.

Some of the reasons for not revealing the remedy name include:

  • Some patients rush to look up the remedy online and begin to question the prescription, not understanding the subtleties in homeopathic prescribing.  No patient would match all the symptoms listed under a remedy, which encompass every symptom ever associated with the remedy, including some very severe pathological states. There are also reasons for prescribing a remedy that would not be obvious to a patient — for example, various remedy relationships.
  • Some patients will go and buy more of the remedy and  start overdosing themselves.
  • Some patients will be scared by the nature of the remedy (for example, remedies made from diseases).  However, it is important to remember that all remedies are potentized substances — that is, they carry the energy of the originating substance, not the substance itself.
  • Sometimes (less so in the USA), homeopaths prescribe placebo pills if the patient psychologically  “needs” to be taking daily doses (whereas, usually, a single dose of the remedy is usually sufficient to carry them for a much longer period of time.)

As far as who are homeopaths that will reveal the names of remedies in Bangalore, I’m afraid I have no idea.  I don’t have that many names of homeopaths in India.  Perhaps you have to look around and ask if the homeopath will reveal remedy names before engaging them.

As far as using remedies instead of vaccines, it is not my field of expertise. But it is becoming very popular.  It’s an area of treatment called “homeoprophylaxis”, and the leader in this area is Isaac Golden, a homeopath from Australia who has experimented with it for many years, and claims success.  Beginning last October, conferences in the USA are being held about this approach. There are a few books written about it too.

To learn more about homeoprophylaxis, you might start your search at Isaac Golden’s site — This site includes links to the conferences as well. Another resource is Kate Birch’s blog, Vaccine Free. Kate is a practitioner who has written a couple of books about homeoprophylaxis. You might also be interested in checking out the November 2015 issue of The California Homeopath, which is focused on homeoprophylaxis.

I hope this is helpful!


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