Odds and Ends — Stuff to Watch and Read (about autism and/or homeopathy)

Amy Lansky
Published: 06/28/2018

Stuff to watch on YouTube:

Great video of a New Jersey autism-prevalence research official discussing the recent federal statistics, including information about:
a) the especially high rate in New Jersey — 3% (1:33) of all children and 1:22 boys;
b) the fact that rate increases are NOT due to increased awareness or diagnostic criteria.

A scene from Just One Drop
Rachel Roberts discusses the role homeopathy has to play in efforts to contain antibiotic resistant super bugs, and research that demonstrates the clinical benefits of homeopathy.

Stuff to Read:

Evidence of a CDC coverup: link between chicken pox vaccine and rise in shingles incidence.

90% of people in India trust homeopathy : IMRB International study


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