Homeopathy is a Family Affair

Amy Lansky
Published: 11/11/2014

Family_PortraitRecently, a parent posted the following question to an email list I participate in:

I had already pegged my son as possibly having a reaction to his constitutional remedy from last night when we woke up today; I thought we were in for a cranky day. I then took my own remedy for my acute eczema. About two hours later I was at the computer and he came over and gave me a huge hug and told me how much he loves me, etc. Lovely, but a bit uncharacteristic; first off, the totally loveable and not at all annoying or clinging affection, and second, that usually when we start off cranky, it sets the tone for the entire day. As far as my own behavior, I don’t think it changed at all from taking the remedy, except that my eczema was slightly better and I needed less lanolin on it. This isn’t the first time that one of my children reacted after someone else had taken their own remedy. I am wondering if this normally occurs within families? It also got me wondering if homeopaths choose remedies based on all members of the family as an energetic unit?

If you check out the last part of Chapter 3 in Impossible Cure, you will find that I do emphasize the fact that, in truth, homeopathy is family affair. How could it not be? When one person’s whole being, whole energy field, is changing, it will definitely affect everyone around them. As a patient’s health problems, annoying habits, or emotional delusions and misguided attitudes fade away, everyone around them can relax and take up a new view and dynamic with them. Entire relationships can change, at home and at work.

That’s why, whenever possible, it is ideal if a whole family can be treated by the same practitioner. First of all, if a remedy is highly successful for one family member, it provides a strong clue about useful remedies for other family members. For example, it verifies miasms or disease tendencies within the family that can influence remedy choices. And sometimes, parents and children do need the same remedies.

Whole family treatment also provides the homeopath with information that might not otherwise be available. Obviously, this requires impeccable discretion and objectivity on the part of the homeopath. But it is certainly true that the inner state, feelings, and experience of one family member will affect other family members in ways that they may never suspect or be conscious of.

Another important aspect of homeopathic treatment for the whole family is that it can set into motion a dynamic ballet of change in which everyone grows and improves in a beautiful way. In Impossible Cure I talk about how after my son Max’s autism improved, it provided space for my husband and I to address our own problems individually and as a couple. My other son’s issues could also then be addressed. Our evolution, development, and growth as a family was like an expanding spiral in which each of us slowly changed, responded, adapted, and healed. It’s not like a straight line, but more like a plant that grows and unfolds, each region of change and growth aiding and affecting the development of other areas of the family.

So yes! If one of your family members has benefited from homeopathic treatment, consider trying it out for yourself, even if you think “you don’t really need it.” In my experience, everyone can benefit from homeopathic treatment. You may be surprised by the results!

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