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  • homeopathy
  • autism treatment (especially homeopathic treatment)
  • health, especially alternative health approaches
  • consciousness
  • spirituality
  • meditation
  • synchronicity
  • parenting
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  • computers and society

Please know that Amy will try to answer your question in a way that can be useful to you and to others who read this blog. She will not make public comments about specific individuals or give referrals to specific practitioners on this blog. She will also not treat disease via this blog (Amy is not a practicing homeopath, but rather provides education to the general public.) However, she will provide advice and pointers to where you might find help. For referrals to homeopathic practitioners, please visit the Impossible Cure referrals page.

Note: By sending your question, you agree that your question and Amy’s response can be posted and freely viewed by others on the AskAmy blog. All questions and comments to this blog are moderated. Some questions and posts may not be displayed or answered. Occasionally, Amy will reply privately to questions rather than creating a post on the blog.

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Revealing the Remedy Name — or Not

Question: Dear Amy, I've visited a registered classical homeopath twice for my depression and anxiety. The first time, he gave me drops that didn't help. Two months...

Dog with Erythema Multiforme

Question: Hi Amy. I have a dog diagnosed with severe erythema multiforme (a skin condition). She is elderly now and has always suffered from severe summer allergies. In...

Learning about Homeopathy

Question: I want to learn homeopathy.  Can you teach me? -Razi Answer: Hi Razi. Wow, when I first saw this question, I laughed a bit.  Learning homeopathy -- I mean...

Proving a Remedy from Too High a Dose

Question: Hi Amy, I hope you are well. I would love your feedback. Around a month ago I went to a respected homeopath to help me out with some post period pains. He...

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