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Please know that Amy will try to answer your question in a way that can be useful to you and to others who read this blog. She will not make public comments about specific individuals or give referrals to specific practitioners on this blog. She will also not treat disease via this blog (Amy is not a practicing homeopath, but rather provides education to the general public.) However, she will provide advice and pointers to where you might find help. For referrals to homeopathic practitioners, please visit the Impossible Cure referrals page.

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Sleeping Problems after Homeopathic Remedy

Question: Dear Amy, I am on homeopathic therapy for a year and a half because of a vascularized nodule in my thyroid gland and solid dysplasia in my breast. My thyroid...

Autism with Chiari Malformation

Question: Hi Amy, Read your blog - thanks for all the information, I will buy your book next. I have bought so many books since my son has been diagnosed wtih Autism...

Homeopathy for Schizophrenia, Phobias, etc.

Question: Where can I find info-testimonials about children with phobias/schizophrenia? -Kostas Answer: Kostas, Homeopathy has an excellent track record at treating a...

Regression, Remedy changes, etc.

Question: Hi Amy. I have a 10 year old son with autism and I did take him to a classical homeopath. His main issues are extreme controlling behavior; extreme lack of...

Questions About Dosing Children

Question: Got your book in Kindle store. Extremely informative. Question on your son and other ASD and ADHD kids is that they quickly swallow the medicine. But aren't...

Baby Loses Gross Motor Skills

Question: I have a 2 year old who was born perfectly healthy. At around 16 months he slowly started losing gross motor skills. He stopped crawling, drinking from a...

Dog gets abscesses after vaccination

Question: Hi, my puppy has a few abcesses on his body -- one of them was at an injection site from a parvo shot. However the others just appeared at random spots. He...

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